a man doing yoga holding a marijuana plant

After a good yoga class you feel naturally stoned. This is how many yogis express their mood at the end of a session. But some yogis take it to a higher level: these are 3 trends in the field of cannabis and yoga.

3 cannabis trends among yogis:


Now that weed in California is not only for medical purposes but also for recreational use, it couldln't take long for weed yoga to enter the stage. At Lit Yoga, the only cannabis yoga studio in Los Angeles, the class begins with a weed ceremony, in which students drink herbal tea together and light a joint. For those who do not want to smoke, there is cannabis in a vaporizer, in edible form or as a tea. Then you do a series of yoga poses on live music - after which you experience the poses from a completely different dimension... You could, of course, ask yourself whether taking a lesson stoned really fits within traditional yoga philosophy, but it surely sounds like a mind expanding experience.


After a period of silence (due to the ban on hemp in the US), hemp has returned: in clothing. When cotton was not so popular, hemp was a common material for producing textiles, rope and canvas. After all, it is extremely strong, grows fast and requires few pesticides. The production also requires little use of water, unlike cotton. Many producers now realize that hemp is very eco-minded. That is why you come across more and more yoga clothing in this fabric.


The substance cannabidiol in the cannabis plant is known for its many known benefits for your body and your mind. Fans swear by it as a sedative against anxiety, stress, insomnia and inflammation. CBD does not make you high or stoned. It is THC in cannabis that provides the psychoactive effect.

And the good news: next to CBD oil, there is also water-soluble CBD. This is even more effectively than oil, because water absorbs 100% of the substance. Moreover, it only contains natural ingredients.

So according to many, you can see CBD, just like yoga, as your natural remedy for anxiety and stress. Add a few drops to your glass of water or yogi-tea and experience what CBD can do for you.

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