What exactly is CBD and how is it made

CBD seems to be in everything lately. From sweets to oils and creams. And CBD sales are booming. But what exactly is CBD and how is it made?

CBD products are part of what is estimated to be a rough one-billion-dollar industry in the United States. And it’s perfectly legal.

So, what does CBD have that marijuana doesn’t?


The fact is that CBD is very popular right now. CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. CBD is said to have therapeutic benefits. But it doesn't make you high like THC.

The fact is that cannabis plants differ from each other. There are actually 2 types. One is hemp. And the other marijuana. You get high from cannabis, but not from hemp. So they look alike, but inside they are different.

THC and CBD are both components of marijuana. THC makes you feel high, and marijuana plants are full of it

CBD Coffee

There is almost no THC in hemp. Instead of THC, it contains a lot of CBD. So you don't get high from CBD. But CBD does have another major advantage: it is not illegal. And according to many people, it has a relaxing effect.

But how do you make CBD? Well, that is possible through CO2 extraction. A thick, gold-colored oil is produced under great pressure through an extraction process.

CBD can be found in many products today. For example, it can be added to food. But you can also consume it as drops.

CBD is even there for your pet. And you have probably seen CBD coffee somewhere on the menu.

It is still difficult to say whether CBD actually works. By using it, you can feel very relaxed. But is that really due to the CBD? Or is it just all in your head?

Scientists are still investigating how CBD works. According to some studies, CBD certainly has a number of therapeutic properties. Most of the evidence that CBD works comes from the users themselves. Many people say that they benefit from a large number of medical conditions.

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