Cannabis Tinctures

There are more and more new ways to enjoy cannabis without having to smoke it. This article will take a closer look at cannabis tinctures and vaping. So, dive in!

What are tinctures?

A tincture is a liquid form of cannabis that is very concentrated. Tinctures are often sold in eyedropper bottles so that you can easily add a few drops to something. Some people add a few drops to food or drink daily or put a few drops under the tongue (which means it is absorbed quickly).

Tinctures are also increasingly being used to treat medical conditions. Many of these tinctures have high CBD values.

Making and using tinctures has been around for centuries, possibly centuries. It fell out of favor in the mid-twentieth century because of the laws that stopped the use of marijuana. But in recent years, there has been a tremendous revival, in part due to the explosive focus on CBD.

Tinctures are discrete to consume and easy to carry. A pipette can easily add a few drops to food or drinks. Many people find using tinctures better than smoking cannabis because they find it cleaner and better for their health.

Vaping marijuana

You must have heard of it, or perhaps you already have experience with it. It's also hard to get around it: vaping.

For many cannabis users, vaping has become a normal way to use cannabis. The big advantage over other ways to use cannabis is that a vape pen is easy to carry. They are small and beautifully designed. So, if you want to use a disc, you can, but the vape pens are usually so beautiful that you want to show them off!

Vaping works through evaporation. The plant material is not burned, as when smoking a joint. The heating part of the vape pen brings the temperature to just under combustion. This only produces vapor and no smoke. Vaping is, therefore, a healthy alternative for many who like cannabis.