The Best Ways to Smoke Discretely

Not everyone has the fortune to be living in places like Amsterdam or Colorado where smoking weed is pretty much commonplace, so here’s a guide on how to smoke the good stuff without the smell. 

How to mask the scent of marijuana?

When smoking cannabis, it’s always good to be aware that while you don’t have a problem with it, other people might. This is why it’s ideal to be knowledgeable about ways to effectively mask the scent of marijuana.

The best and most popular way to hide the smell is by using a portable vaporizer

The best and most popular way to hide the smell is by using a portable vaporizer. With a vaporizer, you can carry your supply pretty much anywhere. You can fill them with flower or concentrates, easily carry them during air travel, and avoid those thick, obvious clouds of smoke on home and outside. Some vaporizers are even disguised as other things, such as pens. 

Use a filter to reduce the presence of the smell 

Another way to help you smoke discretely would be to use a filter. Filters are easy enough to purchase and are proven to reduce the presence of scent molecules in the air. Carbon filters are actually commonly used by growers in their grow-rooms (if indoors) to help rid the air of any traceable marijuana smells. Homemade filters are another way to go, made by taking a cardboard tube (a toilet-roll tube works best) and shoving a few tumble-dryer sheets inside. This helps to get rid of the smell since it masks it with a bunch of other scents – it isn’t very pleasant though, and I don’t recommend it if you can help it. 

Smoke outside

If you can, seize the opportunity to smoke outside. Seriously, this helps to reduce smells to a massive degree as there is much less of a chance of the smoke sticking to your hands, hair, or clothing. This is because outside wind can aid in carrying the smell far, far away from you. If you really can’t get outside for whatever reason then I recommended cracking open a window, or even a backdoor. This has proven to be a very effective method for smell reduction, especially if you block inside doors with pillows and towels to stop the smell seeping through the rest of the inside. 

Hopefully, these simple but effective tips to masking the smell of your cannabis are helpful but don’t go smoking anywhere you shouldn’t be! – or at least, don’t get caught!