Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions by our customers. If your question has not been answered, please contact us though the contact form.

I am in the US, Australia, China, Timbuktu etc. Can you ship to my country?

YES! We ship worldwide! However, since it is impossible for us to check every law in the world, please check out your local laws about receiving genetics.

How long does it take the order to arrive ?

We ship the parcels via dutch post from The Netherlands. The arrival time of your order may vary from destination to destination. The average order takes approximately 9-15 BUSINESS days to arrive within Europe. For the US, Australia and Asia, this might take between 9-28 BUSINESS days.

Credit Card Not Approved (USA customers only)

Important: If you are paying with a Visa Debit or Mastercard Debit and your order was not approved it is due to the following reasons: Visa Debits or Mastercard Debits must be "International Debit" so you can buy outside the USA. You can buy these at any store selling cards. Or, you can phone Visa and Mastercard and say "Please approve the online transaction from Europe". As this will be blocked until they have your permission. -The credit card companies do not know what you are buying as it is kept private but they can see your order pending until you give approval.

Can you send me some weed or hashish from a coffeeshop ?

NO ! It is not legal for us to send weed or hashish outside Holland.

Do you ship world wide ?

YES ! It is impossible for us to check all laws in every country, so our advice is to check your local laws about receiving cannabis seeds.

How do I contact you ?

You can send us a message with the contact button on the left panel.

Who are you ?

We are a group of stoners who dedicated our lives to collect, breed and spread the seeds around the globe, because we believe everybody has the right to experiment with the goodness of Mother Nature for educational, medicinal or recreational purposes. We run this seedbank for more than 7 years. We have many happy customers all over the world who are very pleased with our excellent services.

Do you have a catalog ?

No,our website is our catalog.

How to make an order ?

go to the web-site. choose a strain. put in chopping cart. check out. select country. select payment method and fill in the order form correctly.

Do you have a shop ?

The only shop we have is the online webshop.

What if the product is not to my satisfactory?

We put a lot of time and effort in quality control to ensure our customers get the very best. However, seeds still remain a product of nature and it is impossible for us to check every individual seed. Should you experience any difficulties with your seeds during germination, please keep the seeds and return them to us. We will test the ungermed seeds to try to figure out what went wrong and will of course send you a full replacement. We take the utmost care in packaging your order to safeguard the content. In the rare occurrence your parcel/products have been damaged during transport, please contact our support desk on how to obtain replacements.

What is your return/ refund policy?

In case of ungermed seeds, you can return the ungermed seeds to us. Upon arrival we will replace the returned items. When you select guaranteed delivery, this implies that in the rare event that your order does not arrive, we will first try a free re-shipment. If delivery fails again, we will of course fully refund your payment per our agreement. Please note that once a refund has been submitted through the system, it is processed by the acquiring bank and sent to the customer's card issuer. Refund posting timeframe depends on the card issuer's policy.

My plants will not flower outside, what to do?

There could be a false light source near your plants which disturbs the required night time period your plants need in order to start to flower. This could be streetlights, garden lights or lights from houses.

Why don`t all of my seeds germinate?

Seeds germinate above 23 degrees Celsius and need to stay in the same temperature for 24 hours. Seeds generally take about 5 days to germinate. Please follow the instructions in our Grow Guide. or try our germination booster!

I have found a hermaphrodite in my plants, how is that possible?

False light could be one of the reasons, light can leak inside your grow room. Make sure it`s completely dark when needed. - Watering during the dark hours can produce hermaphrodites. - Overfeeding/dehydration - Unstable PH levels - Your lights are too hot

My plants are turning yellow, what`s up with that?

Your plants may not have had sufficient water, which will cause the leaves to turn yellow. This is your plant telling you there is something wrong in the PH levels.

How many plants can I fit on 1m2?

9-12 plants

When do i start the flowering process?

Sativa plants need to grow till the third internodes with serrated leaves are grown. - Indica plants need to grow till there are full grown leaves.

I can only harvest half of my plants even though they are all the same strain.

You can leave the rest of the plants in darkness for 2-3 days and they will be ready to harvest.

How much fertilizer should I give my plants?

If the tips of the leaves turn brown, you know you are overfeeding them.

Can I re-use my soil after 1 harvest?

If you remove the top layer 8-10 cm en replace it with fresh soil you will be able to re- use it. Don’t mess with the bottom part, leave that as it is. You can do this up to 3 times before replacing all the soil. - In between harvests make sure that the soil stays very wet, so the root system clears for new roots. - Removing the first 8cm is important, most of the nutrients en pests/bugs stay in the top layer

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