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Seeds can stay viable for a long time, especially if stored correctly.One of the best ways to store your seeds is in an airtight, opaque container with a silica package added to keep them dry. You can put it in the refrigerator, preferably outside the fridge door, where the temperature changes significantly every time you open it. You can read more in our blog post to learn how to store cannabis seeds properly.


There are many factors involved with getting your seeds to sprout. Moisture, soil depth, the plant's shock, temperature, and other factors influence how well your seeds will sprout. All of these factors and more will directly affect the health of your new Cannabis plant. You want to ensure that your Cannabis plant is well taken care of. Our experts have written a guide on the best way to get your seeds to sprout.
We have an article full of advice on how to grow your first cannabis plant. You should check it out here: A Beginners Guide To Growing A Single Cannabis Plant.
Many “minor details” will make the difference in the yield, quality of your weed, and THC Levels. If you want to master these details, our blog 8 growing mistakes cannabis beginners make and how to avoid them, will address them all!
The best way to know is to learn to read the plant. Your plant will tell you exactly what is needed or not. Our experts will teach you how to read your cannabis plant to make sure the water levels are just right!
You can improve the quality of your buds by following our guides for growing cannabis; our experts and growing veterans have compiled these! If you follow the proper germinating and growing techniques, you will improve your buds! Remember, the quality will reflect the time and effort you put into your growth.
Orders are normally shipped out within one business day after an order is successfully processed. Shipping times vary according to location. Orders shipped within Europe normally arrive within 21 business days. Orders outside of Europe typically arrive within 31 business days. We would appreciate your patience while waiting for your order to arrive.
Determining the right time for harvesting is a craft. You do not want to harvest too early. Neither do you want to harvest too late! You want to wait long enough that you maximize the amount of THC. Check out our extensive guide on when to harvest cannabis, where our experts will teach you how to harvest to perfection.
There are a lot of options out there in our blog Choosing the right light for growing cannabis. We will guide you to the best solution for you.
There are a lot of issues that can go wrong with any plant. One of the killers of Cannabis is a fungus. Bud Rot can ruin an entire harvest. Find out how to identify bud rot and mitigate its effects in our post on How to Deal with Bud Rot.
You may have over-watered your plant, and a fungus has formed on its roots. The condition is known as root rot. Root rot can kill your plant if you do not take care of it as soon as possible. But what can you do? You can read our post on Getting out of the root rot rut and be on your way to healthier Cannabis plants.
We'd be happy to help bring your plant back to health if you have issues. Please send us an email with clear photos of your plant explaining the symptoms. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible, and we will help you to nurture your plant back to health.
You may have heard that white seeds are no good and will not grow as well as the “normal brown” seeds. White seeds being bad is a myth. Different strains of cannabis can produce perfect white marijuana seeds.
Spider Mites, we hope you never have to deal with them on your Cannabis plants; they can destroy a plant very quickly. Ladybugs are natural alternatives to insecticides! Learn how to do so in our blog; Using ladybugs to control spider mites.
Using Hydroponics to grow Cannabis can produce a faster growth rate and higher yields. If you want to find out why, check out our entry on Using Hydroponics to Grow Marijuana.
We will provide you with expert advice and valuable tips to help you cultivate cannabis successfully in outdoor environments with damp and moderate weather conditions. From choosing the right strains to questions like:growing cannabis temperature?, growing marijuana in wet soil?, can cannabis grow in wet soil?, climate for cannabis seeds?,and more you can check here: growing marijuana in wet and moderate weather.

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