Frequently Asked Questions Growing

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about Returns/Refunds. If your question has not been answered, please contact us though the contact form.

Do you guarantee that the seeds will germinate?

We put a lot of time and effort in testing our seeds to make sure that you receive nothing less than premium quality seeds. We guarantee a high germination rate if you follow our instructions in the Grow Guide posted on the website. If you still did not have a good germination rate after following the instructions then please send the ungerminated seeds back to us for testing. Once we have received the ungerminated seeds we will send you a replacement.

How do I store my seeds?

Seeds can stay viable for a very long time, especially if they are stored correctly. One of the best ways to store your seeds is in an airtight, opaque container with a silica package added to keep them dry. You can put it in the refrigerator, but preferably not in the fridge door where the temperature changes significantly every time you open it.

What if my plant dies after germination?

If your seeds germinated and then died it can be caused by many reasons, normally too much or too little water or light. Unfortunately, we cannot replace the seeds for every plant that does not make it, there are too many outside factors involved. If you tell us about your germination and growth method we can offer you expert advice on what potentially went wrong so that you can resolve the issue with your next crop.

What yield can I expect from my plant?

Here in the Netherlands, we measure the yield of a marijuana plant by per sq meter. So if you have 1 plant per sq meter it will yield the same as 2 plants in that same sq meter as space and light will have to be shared. The yield stated on the website is the max documented weight of the buds collected after being harvested per sq meter. The yields stated on the website are actual results after vigorous testing of the strain before being sold commercially.
You will also read that it states "up to X grams" meaning that is the max you can expect. It does not mean that it is the average you can expect.
Yield results, of course may vary, however, the yields posted are based on the results of our growers. There is a multitude of factors that will determine the overall yield of a plant.

What is wrong with my plant?

If you are having plant issues then we'd be happy to help you bring your plant back to health. It would be best if you send us clear photos of your plant. Also, please tell us in as much detail as you can about your growth method and the symptoms your plant is experiencing. Once we have this we can help you diagnose the problem and how to solve it.