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There are three easy methods to flavor your marijuana and give it an extremely pleasing taste; before, during, and after harvesting. You may encounter challenges when trying to get your desired results. This article will guide you step by step on how to flavor your marijuana more easily, safely, and successfully!

Does flavoring weed make it taste good?

Why should I flavor my weed? Weed has its natural flavor. Many weed strains have been bred to produce flavors and aromas that mimic the taste of lemon, vanilla, mint, strawberry, grapefruit, blueberry, and so much more! However, if not, these strains may not give you the expected taste grown in the right conditions; you'll get minimal notes of the flavor overwhelmed by the natural taste of weed. That's why you need to flavor your cannabis and make it produce the best of its promised flavor or give it a new flavor of your preference!

We selected the best 3 methods for you to do so.

flavoring weed before

1. Flavoring weed before harvesting

If you want the strain you've planted to have a flavor you prefer, then you need to start preparations a few days before harvesting your weed.

According to our expert marijuana growers, preparations start 3-5 days before harvesting time. During this time, you need to stop watering your marijuana plants. Stopping this will lead the plant to extract extra mineral salts and other nutrients from the soil.

Although you can stop watering your crops for even 5 days or more before you start harvesting, you need to be very careful because that can harm your plants. They can dry up and finally die. So we recommend 3 to 5 days.

If your marijuana crops start to wither fast or show signs of wilting before the harvest day, you can add a little water to them. If you decide to do so, ensure you sprinkle the water evenly, so you'll cover the whole plant.

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When harvest day finally comes, mix extracts from your preferred food-grade or 15 milliliters of a mild solution into approximately 20 liters of clean water. The amount of clean water depends on the expected harvest. You can increase the number of liters of water if water liters if you expect

Now that your flavored mixture is ready, you should slowly and gently water it on your crops. Please be careful not to waste the solution on surface runoff.

Allow the crops to consume the solution for a few hours (roughly 3-5 hours) before you start to cut your weed.

By now, your weed has consumed water. First, they consumed the water from the soil for several weeks. Second, you had just watered them with a flavored solution a few hours before cutting them. Because of this, the weed is now moist. It would be best to spread the harvested plants evenly to avoid dampness. Ensure there is enough airflow among the crops to minimize mold formation. Keep the crops as separate as possible.

2. How to add flavor to weed during harvest

Sometimes, things may not go as planned. For example, you want to flavor your weed before harvesting, but somehow you don't get around it. Don't worry. You're still in time to add flavor to your weed.

flavoring weed during

, Unlike the first step, which requires you to water the crops with a flavored mixture of 20 liters, you'll now prepare a small amount of the solution and put it in a glass.

After this, you'll cut a weed leaf and dip it inside the mixture. You don't have to wait until the leaves are dry. A fresh leaf full of life is ideally the best for dipping inside the mixture contained in the glass. Why?

When the weed leaf is still alive, it has a high chance of drawing water from the glass up to the stalk and other parts of the weed.

You'll need to allow the leaves for about seven days to settle inside the flavored water. In these seven days, the leaves will have drained all the solution from the glass.

Finally, remove the leaves from the solution, chop them to your preferred size, then dry the harvest as you usually do.

3. How to flavor weed after harvesting

Flavouring marijuana at a time when the leaves and the stalks seem to be withering and drying up seems like a hard one for many people. Nonetheless, there is nothing impossible about flavoring weed, even when it seems too late.

Even when the flowers are weak and jarred, you can still add flavor to this important crop.

The first step towards adding flavor to harvested weed is to add essential oil or extract into the jar. How do I do that?

Once you've identified an essential oil or any other extract you prefer, you'll need to soak cotton balls inside that extract. The next step is to attach the cotton ball to the lid of the jar. Make sure the cotton ball does not fold anywhere. Rather, it has to hang from the lid facing down.

When you hang the cotton balls, ensure they do not stretch and touch the weed buds. You must also ensure that there's no excessive moisture inside the jar because excessive moisture causes mold, which will result in the weed rotting.

You can also minimize the chances of your weed rotting by adding several dried items into the jar. Some dried items you can add to your jar include flower petals, apple slices, and citrus peels. Alternatively, you can add marijuana spices such as cloves, cinnamon, and rosemary.

flavoring weed after

Final thoughts

It's awesome to flavor your marijuana; in our opinion, it's not done often enough. People think it's hard to do, but the opposite is true. Whether it is before you harvest, during, or even after you have harvested. Therefore, it is no longer how to flavor marijuana or how to flavor weed, but a matter of when you want to flavor your weed!

Frequently Asked Questions

To make your weed taste sweeter, like bubblegum, mix the food-grade bubblegum extract with some water and place your freshly cut buds in the mixture for a week, dry, and cure it. Then, place the dried buds in a jar, soak a cotton ball in a bubblegum extract and attach it to the lid facing downwards. This way, you have to sweeten the weed with a bubblegum flavor.

To make your weed taste like coffee, it's essential to ensure that the buds are fully cured and dried. Then keep them in a jar. After that, empty a giant tea bag, and put some coffee inside. Next, place the bag containing the coffee and keep it inside the jar containing the weed. No weed flavoring spray is needed.

To flavor, your homemade gummies, get your favorite fruit juice and boil it under medium heat for 3 minutes. This enables the gelatin to set inside better. Stir the boiled juice and gelatin, then add the sweeteners according to your preference. You can then store the flavored gummies in an airtight container and keep them in a fridge. No weed flavoring drops are needed.

You can make weed taste better from a pipe by adding your favorite fruit flavoring to the water pipe. Then, for a more enhanced taste, you can add ice cubes to that fruit-flavored water but be sure to clean the pipe well after use to avoid sugar from sticking.

Using flavored sparkling water can make your weed taste better from a bong. Some reputable brands, such as Nestle, manufacture their sparkling water using different flavors. Depending on your chosen flavor, rest assured that the undertones are nice as you inhale.

The best way to flavor old weed is to begin by moisturizing it. To moisturize old weed, peel off your favorite fruit (orange or mango) and place the peel in the jar containing the weed. The two shouldn't come into contact with each other, though. After 3 hours of coverage, that weed will absorb some flavors.

Weed flavors depend on their terpene synthase genes. For instance, a cannabis strain with limonene terpene synthase genes produces a lemon-like flavor. Weed that contains myrcene terpene genes, on the other hand, produces an earthy flavor. Other types of flavors include fruity and minty.