Growing Marijuana the right way

Alright, my green-thumbed friends, if you're looking to grow some top-notch cannabis in an urban garden, you gotta kick things off with some seedlings. Once those little guys sprout and hit the right size, it's planting time. Whether you're working with pots on a balcony or terrace, or you've got some backyard or open field space, you're good to go.

David Mauricio, a college dude who's been riding the positive wave of cannabis sativa, dishes out his homegrown wisdom on cultivating this magical herb, especially from the perspective of someone who's found therapeutic bliss in its leaves.

Now, typically, the cannabis seeds you're gonna plant come from three main strains: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, or Cannabis ruderalis. These are the big three for cultivation enthusiasts, and the planting process? Pretty much the same across the board.

The real challenge in growing some prime cannabis? It's often just not knowing the ropes, especially the farming side of things. You gotta remember, cannabis is an outdoor plant, thriving in its natural growth seasons. If you're thinking indoors, you're stepping into a more techy territory, maybe diving into hydroponics or artificial lighting.

Here's a quick rundown of some basics for sowing those cannabis seeds right:

1. Planting Time: 
This all depends on where you're at on the globe. In warmer spots like Cali, Colombia, the heat's your friend for germination. Early March? That's a sweet spot.

2. Strain Game:
Here's the deal - there are male plants (no buds here) and female plants (the ones you want). If you're planting seeds without knowing their gender, you gotta weed out the males down the line to keep them from messing with the females.

3. Planting Spot:
Start with seed trays or small pots, about 9-10 cm in diameter. Once those plants get some height, you can move them to bigger pots or straight into the ground.

4. Soil Vibes:
You can go with a universal mix or something specific for indoor plants. If you can find it, a seedling-specific mix is the gold standard.

5. Seed Sowing:
Pop a single seed in each spot, burying it about 1-2 cm deep. Water it gently - you don't wanna disturb the seed. For germination, you're aiming for a cozy 18 to 25°C

6. Transplant Time:
About 35-40 days after planting, it's time to move those plants. If you've got a field garden, straight into the ground they go. Urban gardeners? Bigger pots are your next step.

7. Outdoor Groove:
Always remember, cannabis loves the great outdoors. So, if local laws give you the green light, let it grow under that big blue sky.

These basic pointers can set up any budding grower for a successful cannabis journey. But always, and I mean always, make sure you're vibing with the local laws before diving into any cannabis cultivation project. Stay safe and grow with love!