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As a beginner entering the world of cannabis, suggestions and recommendations are inevitable in your way. Various experienced users and growers have their personal preferences that they want to share, targeting first-timers.

With such a long list and enormous amounts of cannabis strains out there, some varieties stand out from the rest. It will not take long before you start hearing names like Skunk and Haze among others.

Skunk and Haze cannabis strains have earned legendary status in the world of cannabis. It is all because they offer something powerful and attractive to most users and growers. They are potent, loaded with flavors, and humor growers with superb yield year after year.

Despite the growing numbers of newly bred and modern cannabis strains being added to the list each day, Skunk and Haze strains continue to maintain their place. Their genetics continually make a buzz that impresses and urges breeders to use them to discover new varieties of hybrids.

Continue reading to learn more about Skunk and Haze strains, their differences, and which is better between the two.

What is Skunk?

Skunk is considered to be one of the highly potent cannabis strains with a good dose of THC quantity. It was first discovered in the 1970s but became one of the most popular strains in the US in the 1990s. The name "Skunk" has been associated with the impression of "super-strong forms of cannabis" that are even feared by some for their effects.

Skunk is a balanced and stable mix of two landrace cannabis strains, the Colombian Gold and the Afghani. As a breeding classic strain, Skunk is versatile, easy-to-grow cannabis that can grow in any medium type, either indoor or outdoor cultivation.

Its popularity has led Skunk to become one of the leading phenotypes for hybridization. Skunk has become the parent that produces numerous generations of hybrid cannabis strains including Skunk Hero Strain, Skunky Diesel, Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights, Jack Herer, and more.

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What is Haze?

Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has managed to climb the ladder and label itself as one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. Whether you are in a California dispensary or a Dutch coffee shop, Haze genetics are lining up on their shelves.

Haze was first discovered by two talented Haze brothers by cross-breeding Mexican and Colombian landraces. The Original Haze is loaded with sweet terpenes with a high cerebral effect.

Having purely Sativa genetics and an extraordinarily powerful uplifting cerebral high, Haze strains have become the favorite of many. It is ideal for those who prefer to fly high rather than experience a couchlock effect.

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Skunk vs. Haze: Differences in Characteristics

So what is the difference between Skunk and Haze cannabis strains? Why are both strains considered the most popular and why do most breeders prefer to choose either of the two to create new cultivars?

In this part, we will investigate the differences in the appearance, aroma, taste, and even the yield they produce. We will look closely at the characteristics of Skunk and Haze cannabis strains to better understand their differences.

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Characteristics of Skunk Cannabis Strains

  • Appearance: Skunk is considered to be one of the highly appealing cannabis strains that existed up to this day. Its beautiful color combination of yellowish, pale green, and silver-gray with bright orange makes the whole plant more beautiful when it is in its full bloom.
  • Aroma: As its name suggests, Skunk smells skunky. It radiates an intense aroma that can be overwhelming to take for first-timers. However, this characteristic is the reason why it became the favorite of many. Adding to its intense skunky aroma is a hint of sweetness and light sour scents. Though the sweet and sour scents are a little light, becoming just secondary to their skunky smell.
  • Flavor: Skunk produces an earthy sweetness-like taste. Some users describe it as having sour and dirt-like flavors but not in an unpleasant way. Others also find it to have a creamy smoke that leaves a sweet, herbal aftertaste.
  • Yield: Skunk is a versatile cannabis strain. It can be both cultivated either in an indoor or outdoor setting. Depending on where you are planning to grow this cannabis plant, it affects the quantity of its yield. In an indoor setting, this strain is ready to bloom flowers in just 8 to 9 weeks’ time. While in an outdoor setting, Skunk is expected to be ready for harvest around the middle of October, after flowering throughout the late summer. When grown outdoors, it can yield an average of 16 ounces of bud per plant.

Characteristics of Haze Cannabis Strains

  • Appearance: Original Haze prides itself on its bright neon green colors with a perfect combination of red amber hairs covered with thick crystals signifying highly potent trichomes. Physically, this strain is alluring, amazing, and a classic beauty incomparable with other strains.
  • Aroma: Talking about its scent, Original Haze is remarkable with a hint of spice and an earthy tone that is highlighted by the sour scent of citrus. It smells light, gentle, and very subtle to the nose. Unlike the others, it does not offer any strong smell that often intimidates especially first-time users.
  • Flavor: One of the best cannabis strains that offer an impressive and astounding taste is Haze. It has a contrasting taste of classic sweet and spicy. With its citrus flavor, it also offers a sour taste that is alluring and long-lasting.
  • Yield: Haze produces an above-average yield. This strain is also highly resistant to molds, bugs, or mildew. However, it is quite difficult to cultivate and not recommended for novice growers. Haze is most preferably to be grown indoors as it needs a specific temperature. However, it does thrive in climates like those in California, Mexico, and some parts of the American Southwest. When talking about its flowering phase, opting to grow this type of cannabis strain requires much patience. However, all your efforts in waiting will never be in vain as it offers a bountiful harvest. In indoor cultivation, it is expected to have an average of 14 ounces per square meter. While in outdoor cultivation, it is expected to be ready for harvest in late October or early November. It is expected to yield an average of 18 ounces per plant.

The Distinctions Between Skunk and Haze

While the combination of genetics in many cannabis strains today offers varying effects, distinguishing the distinctions between these two classics—Skunk and Original Haze is a quite tough challenge. Looking closely at the individual benefits and effects of each strain is what we can offer.

Here are the medicinal benefits and side effects of using Skunk and Haze cannabis strains:

Medicinal Benefits of Using Skunk Cannabis Strain

Skunk is a well-balanced cannabis strain. Although it is a highly potent cannabis strain, it is not overly intoxicating. Thus, it is often used to treat depression, anxiety, and stress at the bay. It can also be utilized for mood disorders and other related mental disorders.

On the physical side, it offers immediate relief from various types of pain. It manages headaches, migraines, chronic pain, and even fatigue. It also provides a soothing effect to its users.

Some reports suggest it can help patients with insomnia or troubles in their sleep. This is good news, particularly for patients suffering from restless leg syndrome (RLS).

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Possible Side Effects of Using Skunk Cannabis Strain

Possible side effects should not be overlooked in using any variety of cannabis. It is still wiser to know your limits and how your body can handle the possible side effects of it.

For Skunk strains, dizziness is one of the possible side effects. There is also a possibility of dehydration and cottonmouth. If smoked every day in a large dosage, this could cause psychosis in the brain. This may result in hallucinations, delusions, or paranoia in worst-case scenarios.

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Medicinal Benefits of Using Haze Cannabis Strain

Haze also has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks depending on how it is being utilized. The most common effects of Haze strains are boosting energy levels and uplifting the mind without inducing a couchlock effect.

In terms of mental benefits, various research supports the use of Haze in treating chronic stress, fatigue, mood, and mental disorders. It also has stimulative benefits for the GI system, making it helpful to boost appetite, reduce the feeling of nausea, and manage anorexia and other digestive issues.

Possible Side Effects of Using Haze Cannabis Strain

Being a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain, too much use of this strain is not advisable. Too much of a good thing is just too much. Possible side effects of excessive use of Haze strain may result in paranoia and anxiety. Thus, it is always advisable to check your limits and not go beyond them.


Picking out which is better between Skunk and Haze cannabis strains is quite difficult. Every cannabis user has their preference in terms of potency, yield, appearance, benefits, or possible side effects.

Skunk offers an intense body effect that relaxes the body, clears the mind, and offers an out-of-this-world high. However, Haze is different. Unlike Skunk, Haze does not offer a strong overwhelming smell or aroma. Although it offers an uplifting effect, it does not induce a couch-lock effect.

Whichever you prefer, it is still wiser to keep your limits in check. Excessive use of any of these cannabis strains does not benefit you in any way.

Explore the world of cannabis strains and discover the one that suits your preferences. Whether it's Skunk, Haze, or another strain, finding the right strain for you can enhance your cannabis experience.