II National Cannabis and Hemp Summit

By: Juan Sebastian Chaves Gil

The II National Cannabis and Hemp Summit, organized by the Government of Valle del Cauca, began successfully, bringing together more than 60 entrepreneurs, experts, and industry representatives. The objective of this event is to demystify misconceptions about cannabis and provide guidance to strengthen the production chain.

The importance of this second edition, held at the Valle del Pacífico Events Center until November 11, lies in dispelling negative stigmas associated with cannabis. Claudia Bibiana Posada, Social Manager of Valle, highlighted the gathering of producers, transformers, and academics, as well as the presentation of research on medicinal cannabis. In the first edition, the signing of the Agreement of Will was achieved for the creation of the National Council for the Productive Chain of Cannabis. During the two days of the event, participants enjoyed a comprehensive academic agenda with experts highlighting the benefits of cannabis in sectors such as veterinary, dentistry, health, and integrative medicine.

Estefanía Patiño, advisor to the Social Management Office of Valle, announced the presence of government entities such as the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, ICA, and Invima, who would address the concerns of cannabis industry entrepreneurs. Germán Perdomo Rodríguez, a member of the leadership team of 'Café del Campo Orgánico,' emphasized the importance of the Summit in combating misinformation about cannabis and hemp. He thanked the Government of Valle for promoting this event that educates people about the characteristics and benefits of medicinal cannabis, enabling informed decision-making.

The Summit included a business roundtable with the participation of international companies, traders, and entrepreneurs, seeking to close significant commercial agreements. Claudia Bibiana Posada emphasized that access to the event was free.