Animals that can damage your cannabis garden

From birds to other small animals that occur in your area, many of these animals like cannabis plants. It is not only the plant itself that they like (so the leaves, the flower tops and the stem), but they especially like to nibble on the roots. If you want to secure your harvest and keep your garden in order, make an inventory of which animals might be bothering you and think of a method to safeguard your plants. Read this article and see which animals can ruin your precious harvest.

How to protect your cannabis garden from the mole

Moles are very special animals. You almost never see them, but you do see that they have been digging in the garden. Moles are very active diggers, so once they are in your garden, they will turn your entire garden upside down in no time. The biggest risk of all that digging is that they damage the roots of your plants. They have very strong claws and powerful legs. They dig through everything. You don't have to worry that moles will eat from your plants, but they can do a lot of damage by digging underground passages. They prefer to eat worms. It is also possible that the quality of your soil is improved by digging. Just like with worms, moles in their way ensure that the soil becomes airy. Yet it often happens that moles dig too close to the roots of the plant causing irreversible damage to the roots. Roots that are damaged can absorb much less nutrients than roots that are strong and healthy. You understand that it can be disastrous for your plant. If a plant receives less, or too little, nutrients, because the roots are unable to transport enough nutrients to the top, then your plant may suffer and eventually die. It is not possible to check your roots for damage underground, but you can easily see if moles have been working. You will see molehills everywhere in your garden. They push those piles of sand to the surface when you are digging their corridors underground. They are fantastic animals, but you would rather not have them in your garden!

A good way to keep moles from your garden is by placing mole mesh. You can buy this at a garden center. What you can do is place metal mesh around your plant. You can also make it around your entire garden, but you can also do it per plant. You leave the bottom and the top of the mesh open, so that the plant has enough space to grow, especially the roots must have the space. But moles cannot get through the mesh, they collide and just dig a way around the mesh. But they cannot do any damage to the roots of your plant. Another way to catch moles is to place mole traps. You look for an underground corridor (somewhere near a molehill, and you place the trap in the corridor. If the mole runs through it, then it gets stuck in the trap and then you can move the mole somewhere, far away, let go again, not too close, because then you have the chance that he will end up in your garden again, so you just place the trap in a mole corridor and check this regularly, whether there is anything in. This is a very simple method, but it will take you a little time.

Is this not enough to keep moles from your garden? Then there are also special drivers that work on solar energy. These are electrical devices that work on solar energy and cause an annoying vibration that moles don't like. Moles are frightened by this and make a reversal. There is another method to keep a mole from your garden and that is by putting certain plants in your garden that moles don't like. For example, you have the Euphorbia lathyris. This plant releases dust through the roots and our little underground friends hate it. If they smell that scent, they turn around. You see, there are a lot of ways to keep moles out of your garden and protect your valuable cannabis plants.

How to protect your cannabis garden from rabbits

Aren't they sweet, those little fluffy rabbits? Just wait until they eat your entire garden! It doesn't have to be such a problem, but a lot of growers who grow outside can still have serious problems with it. Rabbits are very active animals, who also don't give up quickly, they only stop when everything in your garden is finished that they like. The small mammals live on almost every continent of the world. So if you are going to grow outside, then you can almost be sure that it will bother you. That is, if you don't grow in a delimited area, where there is a fence like a stone wall, where they can't enter in principle. If you breed outside, it is therefore advisable to check carefully whether rabbits are active in your garden. As you know, rabbits are good diggers. They root and dig in the soil and gnaw at the roots of your plant. But the leaves of your plant, as well as the stem, are also not safe. You know quickly whether you are bothered by rabbits. You will see small round black droppings everywhere. Small heaps then lie together in different places. You can often see it on the plants themselves, rabbits like to eat from the leaves, so you see that they are damaged. In the worst cases, a plant is almost completely eaten, sometimes it happens with small seedlings.

How can you keep rabbits out of your garden? The simplest solution is to make a fence with mesh around your garden. There are also special mesh works for sale at many garden centers. There are even stories from breeders who are so bothered by rabbits that they place a fence with electricity. You can also set traps. This allows you to catch rabbits and release them in another place. Make sure you release them very far away, otherwise they will go back to your lovely garden and you will have to catch the same rabbit again!

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