A Leading Medicinal Cannabis Company in Boyacá, Colombia

By: Juan Sebastian Chaves Gil

Carlos Julio Velandia Sepúlveda, Secretary of Business Development for the Department, recently visited Savia Royal, a project specializing in the cultivation, harvest, and transformation of medicinal plants such as cannabis. Founded in 2019, the company has obtained licenses for psychoactive cannabis and its derivatives, certifying good agricultural practices before the European Union and ICA Colombia in 2021.

With approximately 50 direct and indirect jobs, Savia Royal involves communities in Valle de Tenza, Somondoco, Sutatenza, Bogotá, and Guateque, providing opportunities for various groups such as single mothers, youth, parents, and the LGBTQ+ community. The legal representative, Leidy Carranza, highlighted the positive impact of the company, emphasizing exports to European countries such as Portugal, Germany, and France.

Carranza emphasized the changing perception of medicinal cannabis, focusing on medical solutions for those in need. Additionally, she announced Savia Royal's upcoming inclusion in the 'Soy Boyacá' brand, under the supervision of the Department's Secretary of Business Development.

It is noteworthy that the industry is a source of employment, with each hectare generating an average of 17 direct jobs, not including administrative and scientific personnel. Most companies making significant investments aim to export the "extract" and health products, although others have their business niche in sectors such as cosmetics.