hash or hashish

Hashish is a cannabis concentrate. It is wonderful stuff that you can crumble and put in a joint or smoke in a bowl. You can buy it from a dealer, but did you know that you can also make it relatively easily yourself? You don't need that much at all. There is even a method that requires no tools at all, just your hands! Read on and make your own hash! In this article we'll discuss two methods, namely making hash using a sieve and making hash using a blender.

Making hashish with a sieve

There are different ways to make hashish. For example, you can roll your plant material under your hands. Because you press hard and roll, the trichomes stick to your hands. A sticky layer will remain on your hands, and if you carefully scrape it off, you will have hash!

Rolling is a simple method because you don't need anything for it. Well, of course, you need plant material. You can use stems, leaves, and flower tops for it. In fact, everything that remains after harvesting still has trichomes. There are trichomes on almost all parts of a weed plant. Sometimes there aren't that many, but by rolling everything under your hands, enough sticks. Suppose you don't like this method, for example, because you don't want to get your hands dirty, there are many more ways to make hash. So read on, and discover other ways that might be of interest to you. Keep in mind that every way to make hash produces a different kind of hash. A certain method influences the structure, for example, the hash may end up being a bit dry or very sticky. And how strong the hashish is can differ. But that is just the fun. With every method you use, the end product is about the same, since it falls into the hashish category. Yet there are differences in the final product that make it interesting again. Certainly, if you make it yourself, you can vary nicely. That way you learn what you like best. Anyway, we want to teach you a method here that is very simple. The only thing you need for it is a sieve. This method is also called 'flat screening'. Use a strainer that you can easily hold in your hand, the smaller the holes, the better and purer your final product will be. We assume that you are looking for quality, not quantity!

It is best to first put your weed in the freezer for a while. That will help to get the trichomes off your weed plant better. When you have done that, remove the plant material from the freezer. Make sure you have a clean work table or surface. Put the plant material on the sieve and rub it very carefully back and forth. By rubbing the plant material remains on the sieve and the trichomes fall through the fine holes of the sieve. The trichomes fall on the surface under the sieve. Continue to sift for a while, until no more trichomes fall and the plant material is 'finished'.

Making Hashish in a blender

Of all the ways to make hashish, this is perhaps the coolest. And it is not only very fun to do, but it is also very simple. You probably have all the materials for this method at home. You need a blender and a strainer (sieve) for it. Are you ready to make your own fresh, wonderfully smelling, homemade hashish? Here we go!

Put all the cutting residues that you have left after pruning or harvesting in a blender. Now fill the blender with water so that all the plant material is just covered with water. Wait, don't start mixing right away. We appreciate your enthusiasm! But ice must first be added. Fill the blender completely with ice. Now it's time to mix. First do it a bit quietly, so that the ice can crush, and then turn the blender knob all the way to high-speed mode, and mix for a minute at the highest setting. You now get a kind of green soup, a bit of a slimy mixture. Now take the sieve and keep it above a jug or a pot. Pour the green mixture through the sieve into the jug and let it rest for about an hour. You now see something very nice happening: the trichomes form on the bottom. If you want to see this, you must take a glass can. Then you can see it all happen. Now comes a precise job, which you have to handle carefully. Drain part of the water, but watch out, make sure you don't wash away the trichomes because you want them! Now fill the pot again with very cold water and let it rest for 10 minutes. Drain part of the water again and be careful not to wash away the trichomes. You have to be patient now, and not make it easy for yourself. Just wait and restrain yourself for a moment! For good quality hashish, you have to repeat this process about 6 times.

Did you do all this? Beautiful! Then we will now make real hashish. Start by carefully draining as much water as possible from the jug (or pot, depending on what you use). So don't rinse the trichomes away, otherwise, you can start over again, and you will have better things to do! Now grab a filter. A coffee filter works best. Carefully pour the solution left in the jug through the coffee filter. Now all the water is washed away and a sticky mass remains in the filter. Tadaaa, there is your homemade hash! Congratulations! First, gently squeeze the filter to remove even more water, pressing the hashish slightly. You can now let it dry and then smoke it in a bowl or joint, just what you like best. It is not necessary to first heat the hash or compress it even further. Enjoy!