Heavy Duty Tape

Sometimes, during weeding or while tending your marijuana crops, a mistake may happen that leads to the breaking of one of the crop’s stems, branches, or even leaves. Will that be the end of the plant? What can you do to fix a broken main stem during veg? Can a broken weed stem be fixed or how long does it take for a broken stem to heal? These and other related questions are what this article will be addressing. 

Before we look at how you can fix broken weed stems, it is important to know that while it is a mistake for such a thing to happen, it is inevitable for a marijuana plant that is cultivated according to recommendations to miss such incidents. You are not the only weed cultivator that will experience broken stems and branches.

Additionally, it is important to know what causes the problem before you learn the proven ways of fixing the problem.

What Causes Broken Weed Stems?

It is funny that weed stems can break easily because of small and simple things such as careless movement inside the plantation. This first reason is especially true when you are dealing with plants that appear upright and rigid. In fact, such crops don’t give you a warning because they are not able to bend when confronted.

The other thing that is likely to bend or even break your weed stems is excessive airflow. Yes, as much as wind is good for the growth of marijuana, excessive airflow will damage a large area or marijuana crops. 

Because they are unable to predict the weather, many experienced prefer growing their marijuana plants in a greenhouse, where they are able to regulate many things including airflow.

Another reason why your plants may suffer broken and bent stems are the use of growing methods. Because they want to get high yields quickly, a section of growers may resort to using low-stress or high-stress growing techniques. 

Depending on the techniques used, branches, stems or even leaves can start to break or bend on their own. You need to exercise caution when choosing your growing technique, lest, you risk nursing several bent or broken branches and stems on your parcel of land.

Some inexperienced weed growers may argue that their plants bent but did not break. Is that enough reason to smile? Hardly! Even if your marijuana pants did not lose their stems or branches to complete breakage, there would still be an impact on their vigor and health, things that affect the final yield. 

Fixing Broken Main Stem During Veg

It is true that a broken, detached, or even bent cannabis stem is a problem when you are tending your marijuana. However, that does not mean that you cannot fix the problem. In fact, it is now easy and simple to fix a broken weed stem thus reverting what may otherwise be a spoil.

The first thing that comes to mind when you want to fix a broken weed stem would be the part of the stem and the intensity of the breakage. After identifying those two things, then you can decide the best method, you can apply in a bid to save your weed’s stem.

You will be faced with two choices. First, it is the use of tape. The second choice before you in fixing a broken stem would be the use of support structures.

Although the latter is recommended for uprighting bent stems, there would be no harm in using the method alongside the former in fixing broken weed stems.

If you ignore a broken or bent weed stem, chances are they will fall on other plants and you can imagine the level of devastation that would cause your crops.

You can use the same methods when you are dealing with branches that may have snapped off from the main stem. 

Why It is Important To Fix Broken Stems/Branches

As you may have seen, it is important to learn the various proven ways on how to fix broken branches on weed plants. 

The first benefit you will get when you learn how to fix broken branches on weed plants is that you will achieve your expected yield. Multiple broken stems will definitely affect the results of your yield. 

If you leave your plant stems unattended for a long time, possibly during the vegetative period, chances of the plants not maturing to the next step are imminent. In addition, broken or bent stems diverge essential nutrients to the wrong place.

Remember, all plants fight tirelessly to get sunlight, which is essential for proper and intended leaf, stem, and plant colorization. It would be difficult for your plants to hit the right target with several bent or broken stems and branches.

The other thing you need to remember is that when a stem or branch breaks, it creates a wound. The infected part of the plant is very dangerous to the rest of the plants – it can be septic. 

An untreated wound on the stem or branch can easily attract harmful microorganisms, fungi, mold, and other bacteria that will damage your crop easily and quickly. On this point, there is no difference between human beings. 

Think about how you would feel about losing your entire crop after tending it for weeks even months. Besides, in most cases, the devastation comes at a time you are either too busy or you least expected. Do not let the knowledge on how to fix broken branches on weed plants pass you.

How Long Does It Take For A Broken Stem To Heal?

Generally, a fixed broken stem or branch will take between 2 and 4 weeks to heal. To facilitate the healing, it would be important to incorporate two or more recovery methods. As mentioned earlier, a tape would be the first thing that will come into mind. Using artificial structures to support the broken or bent stem or branch is another way of fixing broken weed parts.

Final Thoughts

When you are treating broken stems and branches, do not start to think about how long does it take for a broken stem to heal. Instead, focus on what you are supposed to do. No matter how long it may take for the broken stem or branch to heal, the most important thing is you do not ignore broken stems and branches because they may spoil your yield or crop completely.