Going to work stoned

A survey that was recently run by car-buying website Instamotor asked a couple of questions about marijuana and its connection to the general workplace.

The survey found that nearly half of the weed users they polled stated that they sometimes attend work under the influence of cannabis.

The sample size of this poll was only 600 people, plus you have to factor in that this was only in the USA and in states where pot is legal, but its still true that 48% of users said they’d gone to work stoned, and 39% of them admitted to being high on the job at least once a week.

What’s even more surprising is that 50% of those who to work stoned agreed that they would be terminated if they were found out, and yet 73% states that their job performance was improved when they went in high.

This does not mean that half of all cannabis smokers are stoned on the job

Of course, 600 people is not really a tremendous majority - this does not mean that half of all cannabis smokers are stoned on the job.
And to be clear, I love weed and I smoke it myself, but under no circumstances should a person be ‘high’ while doing something that requires their full attention, like driving or using heavy machinery, or doing anything else for that matter that could injure them or someone else.

Stay Sober

As Instamotor says, it's vital to keep in mind that even if you don't get caught at work today, driving to work high is illegal, smoking in your car is illegal even in places where recreational use is tolerated, and any employer can drug test if they choose to.

You can live in whichever way you like, and if living with the risk and knowing you could get fired at any minute is the way you choose to live, then go ahead. But I love cannabis, and I still choose to leave it at home when I’m going off to work. If your job is so awful that you need to get high to get through it, perhaps it's an even better idea to stay sober and spend your free time searching for a new one. That way you can find a job you actually enjoy, and then come back home and celebrate with a bong hit or two afterwards.

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