What are the effects of Big Bud?

You probably know the Big Bud strain. Maybe because you consume this popular type of weed in some kind of way. Or maybe you have grown a Big Bud plant yourself.

Big Bud has, as the name suggests, large flower tops. These provide a specific Indica high with a strong body stone. Most users say that the effect of Big Bud becomes noticeable relatively slowly, compared to other cannabis strains.

So you know what kind of plant Big Bud is. But what about its effects?

Users rarely report mental stimulation, but describe a kind of disorienting (some kind of foggy) feeling. Big Bud can also cause certain psychedelic symptoms. Examples of this are visual distortions and time dilatation that is often experienced as trippy.

Big Bud ensures a lazy high. You probably know the term couchlock, and that is exactly what Big Bud has in mind for you. If you put your teeth into Big Bud, chances are that you'll be spaced out on the couch for the rest of the day. So better not plan any activities.

The Big Bud strain is very suitable for relaxed, passive activities. Just chill, with a movie or your favorite tunes in the background.

The sense of relaxation that comes from Big Bud also has a number of medical benefits. The use of Big Bud can help against chronic pain conditions. The narcotic properties are very useful if you cannot sleep well. Big Bud can cause deep and long-lasting sleep.

Big Bud is not recommended if you have planned activity during the day, such as a sports activity, or something that requires concentration.

Big Bud is a very strong strain that makes many users around the world happy.

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