The difference between THCA and THC

In recent times, everyone only seems to be talking about CBD. CBD is seen as a super cannabinoid that has a lot to offer in the medical field. But there are many more cannabinoids that have very beautiful properties. You would hardly expect it with all those positive messages about CBD, but there are really more cannabinoids that are definitely worth a closer look. There are even more than 100 of them. One of these cannabinoids is THCA and we are going to talk about that now.

THC versus THCA

You know THC, but do you also know THCA? THCA is actually what precedes THC before it is heated. This biosynthetic predecessor of THC has very different properties than THC, but also has very positive properties. A lot of research now therefore focuses primarily on THCA.

In recent decades, a lot of research has been done into cannabis plants and the substances they contain. The plant has many advantages to offer, in the recreational field as well as in the medical field. That is of course a very good development, but it is going much slower than it could go. This is mainly because in many countries the cannabis plant is still seen as an illegal thing. Many weed users in many countries still receive an unreasonably heavy penalty if they own or use marijuana. This applies even to small quantities. Suppose marijuana was not classified as 'criminal', more funds would be made available for research and many more prominent scientists would turn the plant inside out to uncover all the secrets of the plant. Now, research is still hampered because there is still a hint of illegality around the plant. That is of course a shame. Because it would be great if we could understand all facets of marijuana and reap the benefits. But as said, this is difficult in many countries because the legislation does not allow extensive study and funded research.

Laboratory tests indicate that THCA is of great medical value. THCA is the abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol and has very different properties than THC. Yet researchers are now focusing particular on THCA to find out what features it all has. THCA seems to play an important role when it comes to the power of a certain cannabis strain. And since the power of the plant is still very important to many people, more and more people are interested in the research results in the THCA field.


CBD is known to offer a number of medical benefits. But what about THCA? Does THCA also have therapeutic and medical properties? The answer to that is probably yes. But it must be added immediately that a lot of research into THCA will have to be done to really know where it might help and where the power of this cannabinoide lies. New therapeutic applications are added to the list every day. These are the most important three. Studies show that THCA plays a role in inhibiting inflammation, THCA is regularly used to supplement Parkinson's treatments, and THC helps to prevent nausea. This list will only get longer.

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