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What do Stoned and high mean?

The terms stoned and high are used to describe the effect of THC on our bodies and brains. When you ingest cannabis through smoking, vaping, or eating, you take in the THC off the plant. This compound is a psychoactive chemical that causes a change in our perception. Once our bodies process it, the effects of THC take place. The amount of THC present in cannabis varies by strain and by growth. One sample of a strain can contain only 2% THC, while another strain may be as high as +33% THC.

Weed can be consumed for either the euphoric effect or the sedative effect it can produce. How would you describe these two feelings? Would you say that the euphoric effect is a 'high'? Would you call the relaxed effect being stoned? Let&rsquo's take a closer look at the effects and see if we can’t figure it out.

First comes the buzz

When you partake of your choice of cannabis, be that edible, smoking, vaping, or tinctures, you absorb THC into your system. Once this happens, and before a high develops, you may start to feel a buzz. A buzz is the feeling you get immediately after the first few tokes. You can feel something, sort of a euphoric feeling. You might get the giggles. The buzz is the first stage of your experience.

The marijuana buzz is kind of a pre-stage to your high, but your consciousness hasn’t changed yet. You are in a transition phase that, depending upon the amount of THC in the cannabis you smoked, can last for a while. Usually, you can start to feel the effects of a high coming on after about 5 minutes.

Then the high

The feeling of being high is often described as energetic and euphoric. The high normally follow the buzz. It can give you energy and a sense of cheerfulness. You may be able to feel things more intensely. The high produced by marijuana can inspire. Colors can stand out and appear brighter and more vivid. Random things that can be quite silly suddenly become hilarious. Your skin can tingle at this point.

A high can last quite a long time. Sometimes being high on cannabis can last up to 5 hours, depending on how much you have consumed and how strong the strain or product is. The high intensity depends on the type of cannabis, the way you consume it, your resistance to THC, and your condition. The effect can be different for everyone. Some people can become dizzy and laugh a lot. Other people may become affectionate and docile. Still, other people may become noisy and energetic.

A high can also be accompanied by certain side effects. Some of these are very well known. Red eyes stand out as a physical sign of having smoked marijuana. Another physical sign is that you may develop; Perma-grin. Perma-grin is when you start to smile and can’t stop. You have a huge grin plastered on your face. Another side effect is; dry mouth. Dry mouth is when your mouth becomes dry; very dry. You will need to make sure to have water around to combat this.

Next is being stoned

Being stoned is different than being high. Being stoned is usually described as feeling relaxed, mellow, and even drowsy. It is actually the opposite of the energetic high. It is more of a mellow, sitting in one spot sort of feeling. When you are stoned, it can feel like everything is going in slow motion. Often you can feel very relaxed and lazy. You can be very calm and just kind of go with the flow.

A stoned feeling can come on after the energetic peak of a high. If the high subsides and you enter into a more relaxed, calm state; this is also described by many users as being stoned. In this case, the high evolves from a high to a stoned feeling.

Indica vs Sativa vs CBD

The strain type that you choose can play a role in whether or not you feel stoned or high. Sativa plants are associated with mental stimulation and energy. This is considered a more cerebral experience by many. These feelings are associated more with being high than being stoned. Indica plants are well regarded as producing more of a bodily stoned. This will be a sort of relaxed, drowsy sort of feeling. There is a reason that Indicas have the nickname; in the couch.

There are hybrid mixes of both strains out there which will produce a blend of both of these effects. However, if you are looking for one specific effect over the other, you should probably choose a pure Sativa or Indica strain.

CBD is extracted from a cannabis plant. It is not the compound that gets you high. As such you will not get the usual euphoria or the drowsy feelings associated with both Sativa and Indica. CBD can produce an effect of relaxation.

Does how I consume cannabis affect my experience?

The way you consume your marijuana can also dictate the experience that you have. Suppose you use a high THC concentrate or smoke a strain with a very high THC content, the high can overwhelm you and produce a cerebral feeling. This can be very intense.

If you take edibles or a marijuana drink, the effect can be very different. It will probably take a while before the effects can be felt. Once the time has come when the effects come on, you can be stoned for a very long time. This can last up to 8 hours or longer. So better clear your agenda. ☺

There are some marijuana concentrates that contain an abnormally high percentage of THC. If you use such a product, the effect may be more intense than you can handle, Also, it could be potentially dangerous. Be very careful with products that contain such high concentrations of THC.


There is a marked difference in the experiences of a high and a stone. The high is often more euphoric and energetic. A stone is considered to be more of a relaxed, mellow experience. Now that we have covered some of the differences, I hope it will make it easier for you to distinguish the two effects.