Cannabis concentrates

Concentrates that are made of cannabis come in many different varieties, but they all offer the same kind of effect - a final product that is very strong and easy to use. With concentrates, the diluents, such as water, are removed so that only a concentrated substance remains. This process is also often applied to food. The goal is to make the end product, the concentrate, purer, stronger and more compact. This makes the end product very potent and intense. Both in terms of taste, and in the case of cannabis, also in terms of effects. A marijuana concentrate has a very high amount of THC.

Types of cannabis concentrates

Solvents are used in the production of Marijuana concentrates, as a result of which the less desirable parts of the weed plant are 'detached' from the rest of the plant material. This leaves a residue that contains many cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. These are the chemicals from the weed plant that are secreted by cannabis flowers. Below you will find a shortlist of  cannabis concentrates. 


Liquid concentrates are tthe so-called tinctures. These are produced through an alcohol extraction process. Tinctures can be consumed by using a few drops under the tongue. Three drops is usually sufficient. The advantage of tinctures is that the dose can be determined very precisely. Moreover, tinctures are available in many different flavors. Tinctures are a good and healthy alternative to smoking cannabis.


Wax concentrates are usually consumed by the use of a vape. Vaping is considered a good and healthy alternative to smoking, because with vaping the material (in this case the wax) is not burned, but only heated. This also makes the effects a bit lighter. The advantage is that you do not inhale harmful substances that are released during smoking.


Oils, such as CO2 oil, are concentrates made on the basis of botanical extractors, in combination with carbon dioxide and pressure. This brings the marijuana back to the essence, the chemical compounds. Cannabis oils can be consumed through vapes and are very popular.


What many people don't realize is that hash is also a concentrate. It is made by compressing plant resin. The flowers of the plant contain trichomes and if, for example, they remain behind in the grinder, kief is formed. When kief is collected and compressed, you will get hash. 

How to use cannabis concentrates

There are many different types of cannabis concentrates, and with that, there are just as many different consumption methods. There are so many ways to consume concentrates that it can sometimes be confusing. For example, you can crumble and smoke a concentrate by heating it in a bowl or pipe. You can also add pieces to a joint. Special hash pipes are available for the use of hashish. In that case, you only smoke the pure hash, without other additives. Vapes come roughly in two types, you have portable vapes, which are fairly small, usually slightly larger than a normal cigarette. And then you have the desktop vapes, which are larger and have more power. Dabbing is a method to consume a concentrate by heating it and then inhaling the THC-rich vapor. Usually, this is done with a special pipe, but they are quite expensive to purchase. The effect of dabbing on the other hand is priceless!