Dabbing for beginners

Dabbing is relatively new, but more and more smokers are making the switch. It is a way to use cannabis that has many forms and products, with which you can vary. Dabbing can seem a bit intimidating for beginners, but if you look into it a little bit, you will see that it is a very nice and safe way to consume cannabis. Many people who dab find the high much better than the high that you get from a joint, bowl, or pipe. So let's waste no more time, and provide you with some dabbing tips. So read on!

What exactly is dabbing?

You have probably heard of shatter, budder, BHO, and wax. These are all cannabis concentrates called dabs. They contain a very high concentration of THC. You can make dabs by means of a process in which plant material is extracted. Carbon dioxide or butane is often used in this process. The end product of such an extraction process is a beautiful, oil-like, sticky substance that often has a brownish, yellow, or golden color.

These concentrates are super strong, they contain a THC percentage of up to 80%. For many people that is much too high, and therefore it is important to be careful with dabbing. But we're still talking about the safe use of concentrates, so read on. You now know what dabs are and how they are made. But how do you consume such a concentrate? Dabbing is heating a certain amount of concentrate. You heat the dab on a surface and you inhale the vapor that it creates.

Dabbing does entail some risks. Of all ways to use cannabis, dabbing is a method that must be used with caution. But if you apply it in the right way, you can have a lot of fun with this way of consuming cannabis. It gives a very euphoric feeling, a much stronger high than the buzz of a bowl or pipe. But then you must know what you are doing. Below are therefore a number of tips that will make your dabbing experience safer and more fun. You probably already knew some of those tips, but it is always good to have them clear again before you start a dab session. So read on and grab your dab rig.

Use dabs in a comfortable environment

Dabbing can be a bit scary when you do it for the first time. It is, therefore, a good idea to create a relaxed atmosphere. This removes negative feelings and sentiments and makes your overall experience more enjoyable. The chance that you become anxious, or that the entire experience overwhelms you, is thereby reduced. Have your friends around you and create a comfortable atmosphere so that you feel relaxed.

Most cannabis concentrates have an enormous THC content, sometimes the THC content is above 70%. This is very high even for experienced users, and certainly starting dabbers can be blown away by it. Suppose you get into a situation where you become anxious because the effect overwhelms you, then a trusted environment helps you to calm down.

Make sure you drink enough water

With dabbing, your throat can feel quite burning and dry, especially after a few big tokes. It is therefore important that you drink a lot of water before you start dabbing, but also during the dab session. In any case, it is always good to drink a lot if you use cannabis, in whatever form. Also, keep in mind that the nail of a dab rig quickly becomes above 400 degrees. But the high temperature is not the only reason to drink water. Almost all those who dab have to cough afterward and have a dry and sore throat. In such a case, a sip of water is very pleasant.