Everything about cannabis tinctures

If you want to experience the buzz of cannabis, but you prefer not to inhale smoke, there are plenty of good alternatives these days. The use of a cannabis tincture is one of them. Check this article and find out everything about these tinctures.

The big advantage as mentioned is that you do not have to breathe in harmful smoke with a tincture. And yet you will experience a great buzz with taking a tincture. Moreover, you could also make a cannabis tincture yourself. Making a tincture yourself is not as complicated as it sounds. You have to go through a few steps, and you will need the right ingredients for it, but everyone can do it.

Benefits of cannabis tinctures

Tinctures made of marijuana are for long been used in the medical field. It is also a very discreet way to use cannabis, because the bottles containing the tinctures are very small and, moreover, tinctures are odorless. Tinctures are a fantastic way to use weed without having to smoke it.

How do you use a marijuana tincture? And how do you know what the correct dosage is? Most users buy a tincture in a bottle with a pipette. Thanks to the pipette you can dose very precisely by adding a few drops to your drinks or food. But you can also take a few drops straight up. Most people put a few drops under the tongue. So not just in the mouth, but right under the tongue. This ensures that the effective substances in the tincture are absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. This goes much faster than when you add the drops to your food because then it has to travel a long way, through the stomach. The effect will then be less strong, but it will also take longer.

The dosage of cannabis tinctures

The absorption of a tincture under the tongue is called sublingual. In terms of dosage, it is best to start with 1 drop and test the effects. Then build up the dosage slowly to a maximum of 3 drops per day. Because the membrane under the tongue is very thin you will feel the effects very quickly, usually after 10 minutes. If you add the drops to food, it can take an hour before you feel anything. The intake through the digestive tract simply takes longer. Especially when you take a tincture for the first time, it is good to keep your dose low. Once you know what effect it has, you can always increase your dose the next time.

The use of a cannabis tincture has quite a few advantages, compared to pure weed or other cannabis products. As mentioned, a tincture is very discreet. Wherever you are, you can easily take a drop. In comparison with an edible such as space cake, a tincture is very low in terms of calories. In addition, tinctures can be very strong because they are concentrated. And last but not least, when using tinctures you also benefit from the so-called entourage effect has a lot of positive effects on the body.