cannabis industry is growing: 44 thousand jobs in perspective

By: Juan Sebastian Chaves Gil

With sales exceeding $70 million during the II National Cannabis and Hemp Summit in Cali, it is clear that the medicinal and industrial sector of this crop is driving the country's economy. Entrepreneurs, experts, and representatives were integral parts of this event, whose purpose is to demystify misconceptions about cannabis and support entrepreneurs in their formalization process.

Pedro Andrés Bravo, Secretary of Economic Development and Competitiveness of Valle, emphasized that this sector promotes inclusion and projects the creation of more than 44 thousand jobs by the year 2030. For this reason, Valle del Cauca leads the Business Justification and Diversification Index, pioneering in demonstrating the potential of this market.

The National Cannabis and Hemp Summit, led by the Government of Valle del Cauca, has become the most relevant event since the approval of the law on medicinal and industrial cannabis in the country.

According to Agronegocios, Valle del Cauca ranks fifth in national cannabis production, representing 2% in the year 2021.

Valle del Cauca stands out as the first department with a Medicinal and Industrial Cannabis production chain, coordinating the activities of 220 producers.

David Pérez, director of Mercannábico, the first Amazon-type marketplace for the cannabis industry in Colombia, emphasized the importance of these events to counteract the misinformation that has affected the sector. He highlighted that cannabis needs everyone to connect and that Colombia perceives it not as a problem but as a solution to medical ailments.


Estefanía Patiño Valencia, advisor to the Office of Social Management of Valle, pointed out that the summit managed to bring together the Ministries of Justice and Health, ICA, and Invima. All requests for the development of the industry were processed, and a departmental commitment was established with elected mayors, deputies, and councilors to work together for this sector.