Colombia on the Verge of Cannabis Legalization

By: Juan Sebastian Chaves Gil

The constitutional reform aimed at regulating the use of cannabis in adults is making progress in Congress, surpassing its fifth attempt. The First Committee of the Senate approved the initiative in its third debate, out of a total of eight required.

Liberal representative Juan Carlos Losada, the driving force behind the proposal, expressed optimism despite the complexity of the process: "This is a very tortuous path, with eight debates, but we've already completed three, heading towards the fourth, and I believe that will be the debate of truth, but I am confident that we will achieve it."

Carlos Ardila, proponent of the initiative, highlighted the reception of various propositions and the search for consensus to advance the proposal. "We share concerns about the places of cannabis consumption for adults and advertising. These two propositions have been incorporated into the text that will be discussed in the Senate Plenary in the fourth debate," he noted.

Despite the progress, criticism emerged during the discussion, especially from Senator Carlos Fernando Motoa of Cambio Radical. Motoa expressed concern that the text, as currently drafted, could indirectly open the door to the regulation of other substances.

The fourth debate is scheduled for December 16, the last day of regular sessions, and is expected to be crucial for the consolidation of the constitutional reform.