Cannabis and Yoga

Yoga is a meditative practice that encourages us to reshape our thinking patterns and become more connected to ourselves and to the universe. As you will probably all too well, people tend to base their self-worth on external factors such as income, relationships or occupation, without really understanding that doing this can cause all kinds of emotional pain. Yoga helps to change these ways of thinking, as well as help maintain a healthy body. This article is here to determine whether cannabis use helps or hinders yoga practices, so without further ado, lets jump right in:

Staying Focussed

Pairing your yoga sessions with some cannabis use is a subjective experience. This means that it will work for some, but not for others. Essentially, you need to decide whether or not cannabis will help you or hinder you in your yoga practices, and nobody can make that decision for you.

Staying focussed is something that is very important to get the most out of practicing yoga. If your mind starts to wander, then you won't really get much out of the practice. Using cannabis is often said to increase focus levels, however, some people believe that it can encourage them to think all too creatively, to the extent where they can't focus on any one task. If you know your strains, choose a variety that you know will encourage focus, rather than lessen it.

Breathing and Balance

Maintaining good balance is another thing that yoga requires, and so if you want to smoke cannabis before your practice, it's important to know how much to consume so that your perception of gravity remains intact. Before going to a yoga class, perhaps try smoking and practicing at home to see how you get on. Indeed, marijuana is a muscle relaxant and so could help you overcome some of the flexibility barriers you may encounter when doing yoga.

Breathing properly is one of the fundamental attributes of effective yoga practice. In fact, most beginner's yoga classes will focus only on breathing to ensure students are well aware of how to focus on their breath. This is where cannabis doesn't really seem to be able to help, as it is known for having a negative impact on the lungs and breath. Furthermore, if you're high while doing yoga you may experience cottonmouth, which will make breathing even more difficult. Something you can do to combat this effect is to use a vape to smoke your cannabis, although depending on where you live this may be hard to access.


If you're practicing yoga and want to experiment with cannabis, please keep in mind that you don't need to smoke that much. It really isn't necessary to be incredibly high when practicing yoga, because is likely to hinder your practices by making you too giggly or distracted. The dosage, of course, depends on your preference and tolerance, but typically it is ideal to feel relaxed and confident, so it is best to smoke weed before yoga only if this is what it makes you feel.


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