Alternative to plastic and fuel

Hemp is a superhero in the world of plants and many believe it can change the world. Although hemp and marijuana are both Cannabis plants they vary greatly in their THC level. Hemp does not have mind altering abilities. It is a naturally fibrous plant that provides manufacturers with an alternative to environmentally hazardous materials like plastic. For thousands of years people have been using hemp for diverse purposes like paper, rope, clothing, and canvas.

Ilegal Hemp

Unfortunately, for the last 70 years this useful plant has become illegal in many countries. Today, it is legal to import hemp products into the USA, but it still remains illegal to grow a bioplastic made from industrial. Everyone knows about the pollution of our rivers and oceans caused by plastic. Take a look around you and notice every item made from plastic; imagine if it was all made from hemp instead. This could one day be possible using hemp plastic, a bioplastic made from industrial hemp. The possibilities to create a more eco-friendly environment made from hemp are great and vast.

100% Biogradable

The great thing about hemp plastic is that it is recyclable and can also be 100% biodegradable. Some hemp plastics are not made purely out of hemp but made with infused hemp fibers. When hemp fibers are infused then less plastic, less oil, and ultimately less pollution occurs. Another benefit that comes with hemp plastics is that it doesn't pose the same health risks that conventional plastics have. Talking about the toxicity that plastics give off that cause hormonal problems, cancers, birth defects, and developmental problems. New innovations and technology in hemp plastics are being used more frequently in the market every year. In fact, nearly 20 kilograms of hemp plastics are being used by certain car manufactures in their car models.

Water bottles

Are also an up-and-coming market for the hemp plastic industry. Make ethanol and methanol using hemp. Another way that hemp is changing the world is that it is being used to create biodiesel and bioethanol. Ethanol is made using things like sugars, starches, grains, forest products, and waste paper. Methanol created by using woody or pulp matter. Processes like gasification, enzymes, and hydrolysis has made it possible to make ethanol and methanol using hemp. Even though hemp has an array of uses, the use of hemp as fuel could be one of its most important benefits. The petroleum reserves won't last forever. It is continually being depleted. Carbon monoxide gets pushed into the atmosphere when petroleum fuel gets burned. This attributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming. This is just another reason to go green.

Sweet mell and Oils

The idea of vegetable oils to run diesel engines dates back to more than 100 years ago when Dr. Rudolf Diesel first created a diesel engine that ran on vegetable oil. Hemp biodiesel can also be used to run diesel engines without modifying the engine at all. Hemp is more environmentally friendly and cost- efficient than some of the other products used to make ethanol and methanol like corn, sugar beet, or palm oil. Hemp not only grows in various climates, it is actually good for the soil, and helps offset the carbon that is created by fossil fuels. Your car and your wallet loves biodiesels. The benefits of biodiesel are plenty. It is safe to handle due to the fact that it is biodegradable, less toxic than salt, and has a low flashpoint compared to diesel fuel. Just imagine driving down the road with your window down and inhaling the sweet smell of hemp instead of the exhaust smoke from petroleum diesel.

Biosdiesel Vs Diesel

Biodiesel doesn't contain any of the sulfur that regular diesel contains; your nose and lungs love that. Your car and your wallet also loves biodiesels due the fact that it is more lubricating than petroleum diesel fuel so the life of your diesel engine increases. The hemp industry has come a long way from just using hemp for rope and textiles. In the future sure even more uses of hemp will be found. It is a diverse crop we can incorporate vastly in our everyday life that will create a more cost-effective and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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