You know it by now, Moonrocks and Sunrocks are only for the fearless cannabis enthusiasts among us. These babies sweep the floor with even the most experienced users. Moonrocks and Sunrocks are delicious, triple treats. But the effects are intergalactically strong. Even a little nibble from a rock will send you straight outer space. And it will take a long time before you get your feet back on mother earth. Only users with a lot of experience will appreciate the intense effects.


You have Moonrocks and you have Sunrocks. But let's start off with the Moonrock. This is a combination that consists of a cannabis top, hash oil and kief. These delicacies have THC percentages above 50%, but often the THC content is much higher. Moonrocks look dusty from the outside, but are sticky and yummie from the inside. And as mentioned before, these treats are the strongest of the strongest.

Moonrocks cannabis

Moonrocks are a weed buds rolled in hash oil and then covered in kief. Sounds yummie, doesn't it?

You could actually make Moonrocks yourself, it's not even that hard. In some parts of the US you can buy them at dispensaries , the most well-known are Kurupt's Moonrocks, you've probably heard of that.


To create a Moonrock, a beautiful cannabis top is dipped in BHO and then rolled through the weed dust. Compare it to making a chicken nugget. In California the strain Girl Scout Cookies was originally used and the concentrate (extract) is actually the cherry on the cannabis cake.

Occasionally, cannabis traders mask their moderate cannabis buds and also use their low-quality extracts and crystals. That way you pay a lot of money for a doubtful end product. Of course there are many moon rock makers who claim to use only first-class ingredients. So watch out that you buy quality and not space waste.


Unlike the dusty-looking Moonrock, the Sunrock shimmers and shines. You have to see it this way, a Sunrock is actually a Moonrock, but one of the very best quality. A Sunrock is often made from OG Kush, with high-quality rosin and organic kief all over it. All ingredients in a Sunrock are luxury, high-end products... for the real canna connoisseurs among us.

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