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A couch-lock can be described as a feeling of complete relaxation. But how can you break that trance? Test these tips to restore your body control.

How to counteract the feeling of the couch-lock

If you feel as if you are sliding into a state of immobility, then quick action is your greatest ally. Try sweetened drinks or make yourself a strong coffee. The supplied energy should bring the body back on track and counteract the feeling of the couch-lock. If you also get cravings, you should use this opportunity, for example, to eat a Mars bar or something similar.

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Try a CBD-rich strain

Another option is to try to escape the situation. However, we do not mean to consume more of the weed that brought you into this situation. Try a very CBD-rich variety instead. This ingredient has the unique ability to partially attenuate the psychotropic effects of other cannabinoids.

If nothing works, the best solution is simply to wait and see. We realize that this does not really sound like a strategy. But the couch-lock is neither permanent nor life-threatening. Sometimes you just have to let things happen.

Listen to your body

The best possible advice is to pay attention to when the feeling comes up. Which variety did you smoke and how much? In this way, you can reduce the effects of the Couch-Lock in the future and estimate when it will appear. Keep in mind, however, that the couch-lock seems to be very strain-dependent. That's why what works for one strain can lead to a couch-lock in another.

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Have you ever had a couchlock? Did you do something to reduce it? let us know, leave a comment below