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It is important that you know the right harvest time before starting to grow cannabis, either indoors or outdoors. When you harvest your cannabis sooner or later, the amount of THC that you get from the plant differs.

What is the best time to harvest weed

Depending on the person who grows, the harvest time varies. If you are looking for a strong head high, it is best to harvest sooner, as THC levels are higher during this time. If you harvest overripe weed, you will get low THC content. Growers who harvest their buds for commercial sales, prefer to let the buds ripen a little longer to increase the weight.

Harvest depends on the desired THC content

Cannabis is ready for harvest when you find that the white hair turns reddish-brown. When nearly 50% of the stamps change color, the harvest can begin. The harvest, however, depends strongly on the desired THC content. Harvesting requires only a few important tools. Sharp scissors, storage bags, light, and enough workspace are necessary. Also, prepare the materials you need to dry your weed. Secure the strings as you use them to hang your weed. Make sure you work in a dark room, as the presence of light can lower the level of THC in the buds.

How to harvest and dry your marijuana

To harvest and dry cannabis, you must follow a few simple steps to prevent mold growth. Do not give fertilizer to your plant one to two weeks before the harvest date. This is to flush out the chemicals in the cannabis plant to ensure that they are not present when consuming. It is recommended that you stop watering your marijuana plants just before harvesting. This helps the plants to dry quickly.

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When harvesting is sure to be very careful not to put pressure on the flower tops. It is best to use sharp scissors. During the cutting process, you can leave the stems so that you can easily attach them to the strings to hang them to dry. When you have finished harvesting, you can start the drying process. The drying time depends on the size of the marijuana buds. For larger buds, it may take 2-3 weeks for them to dry. If the buds are smaller, it will take about one week.

Correct storage of your cannabis buds

After all the cannabis buds are dried, they need to be stored correctly. Jars with a firm lid are recommended to prevent your fresh buds from being attacked by molds. Check the jars regularly to make sure that no moisture accumulates. The jars with weed are best kept in a dry, cool and dark place.

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