In this article we'll discuss a number of things that every experienced gardener automatically applies to keep his crops healthy and free from all kinds of diseases and other annoyances.

Once bugs and fungi have invaded your growing space, it is very difficult to get rid of them again. It is a cliche, but it is true: prevention is better than cure.

What you need to do anyway is to regularly check your cannabis plants. See if the plans and especially the leaves show signs of insect bites or stress. Are the leaves beautiful and fresh in color, or do they look yellowish or dry?

Every indoor grower also knows that you should never just walk into your room from the outside. You can then carry all kinds of insects and viruses inside.

Beautiful and fresh in color

It is also important to consider whether you have any other plants in your grow room than cannabis plants. This is to prevent possible cross-contamination. Unless they are support or socalled companion plants.

Of course, even the most experienced green thumb can lose a part of the crop of vermin. But there are enough ways to do pest control in an organic way. Hey, we cannabis growers are nature lovers, aren't we?

An important part in preventing all kinds of problems during the growth of your canabis plants is the soil. By heating the soil in which you put your plants, any larvae or larvae eggs are killed.

Sterilized soil

Any type of soil can contain larvae or other critters that love your marijuana plants. If you buy soil at a hardware store, it may be that the soil has already been sterilized.

The problem of soil that contains all kinds of critters is primarily a problem for indoor growers. There are no other animals inside a sterile breeding room that eat the larvae again and thus protect your plants.

And now for the good news: you can easily make sterilized soil yourself. Heat your soil to around 160 to 180 degrees to kill fungi and vermin. By raising the temperature of your soil, you are actually killing anything that could harm your plans. What you have left is the same ground, but without the problems.

And now for the good news: you can easily make sterilized soil yourself.

It is advisable to add a high-quality fertilizer to the soil, because certain nutrients may be lost as a result of 'baking'. This will reintroduce important vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy harvest. Once you have distributed the fertilizer through your soil, you can put your cannabis plants in it.

Happy growing!

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