The foundations of a good grow are in the seeds that you choose to plant, and so it's important that you know exactly what to look for when it comes to them. There are many different ways to tell if a seed is healthy and worth the time and effort it takes to grow, and so this article is here to give you some insider advice.

It goes without saying that soil, proper watering, decent lighting, and good nutrients all contribute to a healthy grow, but lots of people overlook the importance of seed quality. Beginning a grow with good genetics is incredibly vital, and so you should always source your seeds carefully to ensure they are high-quality.

Tiny Stripes

One initial way to check if your seeds are decent is to judge them by how they look and feel. Some of these details are incredibly clear and can be observed from the get-go, although others are more difficult to spot. Healthy seeds are usually pretty dark around the outer shell, and prime ones often display tiny stripes. Furthermore, high-quality seeds will look as if they are coated in wax and will be firm to the touch.

If you get a bad seed, you can usually tell because they will crumble if pressed in slightly. Immature seeds will look green or white and, being so young, these seeds very rarely germinate.

Growing process

Some cannabis users may think themselves lucky to find some seeds in their bud, but these people should think twice about feeling too pleased. Seeds being in a bag of the flower is actually a tell-tale sign that the grower has been irresponsible with their growth and allowed their female plants to be pollinated by a male. This isn't good because when females are pollinated, they cease production of THC-containing resin and divert their energy to making seeds instead. Also, the seeds will add additional weight to the bag, which means the buyer will have paid for more than they got.

It's super important to examine your seeds carefully before you start the growing process, or even before you buy them if you can and so hopefully this guide has given you the initial knowledge to go out and do your own research.

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