When you are just getting into the growing cannabis, the topic of marijuana seeds can be very complicated. There are a high variety of seeds on the market, the best part is that we can divide these into three main groups that will give you better understanding of the topic.

Feminized marijuana seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are bred specifically to eliminate male chromosomes. Effectively to ensure that every plant in the crop will be female. This is successful in at least 95% of the cases. If you are looking for a fast and simple cultivation, choosing for feminized seeds is a good idea. By choosing feminized seeds you don't need to go through the process of identifying the plant's genders as all of them will be female.

They have become a very stable option over the past few years due to their benefits. By investing in feminized options, you will be able to germinate more plants in the same sized space.

The feminine plants producbly more working substances such as THC, CBD and CBN than a male plant

Auto flowering marijuana seeds

Auto flowering seeds are similar are generally small and ideal for outdoor growth. This means that you can plant quite a few for every square meter.

These seeds come from indica or sativa plants that have been crossed with the ruderalis plant. Due to this crossing, the plant starts blooming in a short period of time. It generally takes 10 weeks from start to finish.

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Regular marijuana seeds

Regular seeds are the seeds that started it all. When purchasing regular marijuana seeds it is impossible to tell if they will turn out to be male or female later on. Before feminized and auto flowering seeds were developed, you just had regular seeds of which were roughly 50% male and 50% female. These seeds require more attention and care when it comes to terms of lighting and temperature.

The plants from regular marijuana seeds can turn out to become both male and feminine. After you get to the flowering stage, it is much simpler to identify males and females. The male plants will produce oval pods while the female seeds will produce a calyx shaped like a teardrop. The ratio for male-to-female growth with regular seeds is around 1-to-1 (approximately 66% female). However, for your best interest it is best to assume that 50% of the seeds will end up female.

When you are seeking to breed and produce new marijuana seeds, then you will need both male and female plants. This would require you to plant regular seeds. However, if you are just seeking to keep an outstanding bud then you are better off choosing for feminized seeds.

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