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Fruit Basket Feminized Combo

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Fruit Basket Feminized Combo

The smell and wonderful taste of marijuana gets even better with the mouth-watering flavors in this combo pack. These strains are simply bursting with flavor. Your mind will be on a tropical vacation after just a couple of tokes as all worries will melt away. These hybrid strains are well balanced to give you the best of both worlds- indica and sativa.

5 x Pineapple Express Feminized Seeds
5 x Mangolicious Feminized Seeds
5 x Strawberry Ice Feminized Seeds

Pineapple Express feminized

Pineapple Express seeds are a sativa dominant hybrid, developed by our master breeders. When your plants are ready to harvest, you are rewarded with a very valuable product. Pineapple weed gives an uplifting head and body high. The scent is sweet, like pineapple and berries, but skunky. The flavor is a kushy and tangy flavor, just like you are enjoying juicy delicious exotic fruit.

Mangolicious feminized

This cannabis plant has a tropical taste, extreme big buds, great production, and an early harvest. Very high in THC and buds as big and strong as the Hulk. Feel for yourself what this amazing Indica hybrid can do for you. With the delicious mango taste, Mangoliciuous is without a doubt the best-tasting medicine ever developed!

Strawberry Ice feminized

Enjoy the fruity taste of our Strawberry Ice weed. The THC crystals on the buds are glowy red and have a fresh strawberry taste and aroma. The Strawberry strain is a hybrid with 50% indica influences and 50% sativa influences. Strawberry weed is an awesome weed when you need a relieving body high.


The fact that the three strains in this marijuana gift basket are feminized in nature doesnt mean that the effects will be the same. This is due to the genetic breeding of these seeds and their characteristics.

Looking forward to experiencing the different fruity flavors while having different strains to take your stash across the different times of the day? Then be sure to go for this feminized variety pack. Its cool for you and everyone.


This fruit basket feminized combo pack is bred right here in the Netherlands by a strategically positioned seed bank in the marijuana world capital - Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS). Just like any other cannabis beans, you will find on our website, this marijuana gift basket comprises seeds with a 90% germination guarantee and 15 in number.

Lest you forget, AMS has been in the business since 1996, and for the more than 2 decades we have been in the business, we have perfected the art behind coming up with the highest-quality weed seeds.


If out of the three strains in this marijuana gift basket you cant find one that you can seamlessly cultivate, then we are sorry to rebuke you that you have been probably been living under a rock, literally. Anyway, we have a handy cannabis seeds germination guide and a grow guide to enable the grower master the art behind a successful pot-growing ordeal.

There is a plentitude of reasons for growing own cannabis, and we would recommend that you read our blog post to get a complete overview of the same. So, you may decide to grow the three strains either indoors and outdoors. We would recommend that at the transplanting stage, ensure that these seedlings dont get planted near each other as there are loads of uncertainties to avoid. For instance, the spreading of caterpillars and other nuisances from a single plant to the other.


Not to command your next step after ordering your marijuana gift basket, but it would really rock if you gift a fellow grower with this fruity feminized combo pack or at the very least share with them your weed from this feminized mix pack. You will have really impacted their happiness.

Are you looking forward to ordering this combo pack? The process is truly straightforward. Click the “Buy Seeds” button and you will receive them across any part of the world for free.

P.S: You will save 10% if you buy these ganja seeds using Bitcoins.

Yield High Yield
THC Level 21 - 23%
Effects Creative, Euphoric, Uplifting
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