If you are thinking about growing your cannabis plants, the decision couldn’t have come at a better time than this.
The following 15 unique reasons to grow your marijuana should make you fall in love with weed all over again. Read on to find out more.

1. Savings

Cost-effectiveness should be among the top priorities when venturing into any business. And we will treat pot growing as a business. Buying weed is not cheap, and it will never be cheap. Depending on where you live, grass per gram can be expensive. The cost of marijuana, per gram, can be very cheap when you grow it from scratch.

Please understand us; we love to support local businessmen and women. We do not see why weed may be legal or semi-legal in your area, and you are not taking advantage of this.

You can save a lot of money by planting your weed outdoors if that is what you can afford. Most of the basic equipment is already there. You need the seeds, water, and maybe some fertilizer. If you want to get really into it, you may want to buy a net to protect your crop from birds and pests. The costs will go up if you plan on planting indoors. You can explore some of the differences between indoor and outdoor planting in another one of our posts.

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2. Self-sufficiency

Unless you live in a place like Amsterdam, where you can choose almost any strain of bud off of a menu, most places have limited choice. Such restrictions will no longer constrain you. You will be able to grow what you want.
Also, when you grow your own, you will not rely on someone else to supply you with weed. You will have your supply. It will be the type you want. You will not be left hanging in times of need. Take some pride in knowing that you are self-sufficient with your cannabis growing.

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3. Marijuana seeds are affordable

You don’t have to break the bank in the quest to purchase pot seeds. When you reach out to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, you will realize that you can save as much money as possible. The prices of seeds are very affordable.
You can also get price discounts when you purchase your seeds using Bitcoins. This is to tell you that you shouldn’t restrict yourself from buying pot seeds because of high prices.
Also, you will be involved in the whole process and can be part of deciding whether or not you get good quality. In some places, you don’t know what you will get. We strive to produce consistent quality in all the products we supply.

4. Ease of growth

In this era of the Internet, growing weed shouldn’t be hard, thanks to your information. We supply you with as much information as possible to ensure you are prepared to grow a bountiful crop. You can read our grow guide, and you will undoubtedly be happy to learn that weed cultivation is not very difficult. These guides are there to help you to find growing marijuana to be as easy as possible.

5. An ingenious way to spend your time

How many hours of the day do you spend or waste on your days off? What if you could use your time to cultivate marijuana plants? You will have used your time so wisely. It is something you can be reflected on with pride.

6. A Way to make extra cash

In some places, you can treat ganja the same as if it was a food crop: you can sell the surplus harvest. This depends on the laws in your area, of course. If you can do it legally, you can offset the cost of growing it in the first place. If you produce enough, you may even be able to supplement your income. With time, you may be able to cultivate and expand your business.

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Did you know you can cultivate ganja like you would when growing subsistence crops? That is, to sell the surplus harvests? Well, depending on the laws surrounding the ownership and trading of cannabis in your country, you can be sure to sell the remnants after getting your desired pot yields. As mentioned above, weed is not cheap, and this will mean that you won’t sell yours cheaply, either. Make those extra bucks and expand your cultivation venture. You can even take it a step further and make your edibles.

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7. The fading stigma around cannabis cultivation

Unlike in the past, when cultivating and using pot was viewed negatively, attitudes have changed. Most countries and individuals are embracing the benefits of marijuana for both recreation and medical purposes. This is a good incentive to grow your cannabis plants. If it is illegal in your country, you may want to wait until it is legal. Remember, just because it is illegal now, doesn’t mean it will be forever. You can always start getting ready for when you can grow.

8. An Abundance

Do you remember the last time you ran out of bud? It wasn’t a great experience, was it? That feeling of panic and scarcity can be quite upsetting. Even if your reaction is bummed out because you don’t have any weed, it’s still not a great experience. When you grow your cannabis, you will have an abundance of available marijuana. The only thing that can affect this is a natural disaster or you.

Following the idea of abundance, you will want to order your seeds earlier rather than later. You don’t want to order them so early that they sit around, but you do want to plan. 

9. It is fun to grow pot plants

Growing something is fun. With all of the benefits, growing cannabis is even more fun. If you are the type who likes doing things, then I think you will find growing pot fun. You will learn practical and theoretical skills. You will be able to apply the new things that you learn and watch them improve your growth. You will get a truly wonderful sense of accomplishment when you see your marijuana plants flourishing and realize that you did that.


10. Ability to choose from different strains

Do you have a favorite strain of marijuana? Is it sometimes not available to you? There is good news. When you grow your marijuana, you get to choose the strain you grow.Be sure to buy weed seeds from us. This way, you get to choose exactly what you want to grow.

Do you want an Indica or Sativa? Perhaps you want something with a citrus flavor or maybe something else. If you know what you want, you can grow it. If you do not have a favorite, you can grow different strains and expand your knowledge of cannabis in general.

11. More Room for Experimenting

Growing your pot may produce a large amount of yield. A larger cannabis yield will allow you to experiment with different ways to use it. You can get creative with dabbing, edibles, and maybe even hash. To experiment as freely as you can when you grow your cannabis would cost quite a lot of money if you were buying it. It is fine to support people in your neighborhood, but you don’t want to go broke doing it.

12. Satisfaction

Yes. When you successfully grow your cannabis, you will feel enormous pride. The satisfaction of growing something yourself is quite a good feeling. I have pointed it in that direction before this article, but it deserves its entry. You did it. You deserve a little recognition for that.

Tending a thing from seed to plant, then to yield, is a major accomplishment. I know plants aren’t the hardest thing in the world to grow. But there are dangers to the plant and things trying to kill it. There are fungi and molds, but you kept them at bay. You developed the ability to know when it needed water or nutrients. You kept invasive insects away. You protected this plant. You took this little seed and nurtured it to fruition. Be proud of your accomplishment.

13. You know what you will eventually smoke

When you grow your marijuana, you know exactly how it was grown. There are no surprises. You know what it has taken in for nutrients. You know there is nothing that you didn’t put into it. If you use fully organic soils and nutrients, you know there is little chance of some foreign body being present.

Along with knowing what is in the plant, you will know what you take into your own body. In this day and age, knowing what you are taking into your body is important. There are entire industries created for just this reason. Now you can take some control over your choices.

14. Connecting with something natural

There is something to be said about growing plants. Being around plants and nature is highly recommended, as many studies show that nature can help you stay balanced. Of course, this is not a replacement for seeing a doctor. Do not ever take your mental health lightly. growing a living thing and connecting with it can help to lift your spirits. As modern humans, a connection to nature can fall by the wayside. Growing your cannabis plant may help to re-establish that connection.

15. Weed is resilient

Depending on the strain, cannabis is a relatively resistant and hardy crop. Of course, this will vary from one strain to another. Our site describes all of the strains and has made climate and conditional information accessible to assist you with growing the best strain that you are able. Having said that, whether in your area and other factors can affect your growth.

resilient bud

Remember to research the best strain for your area. Some strains are better suited for different climates. Choosing the correct strain for the conditions of the area in which you live is the best way to ensure the best outcome possible.

So, what are the benefits of growing your marijuana?

As seen in the above 15 reasons for growing your weed, the benefits outweigh buying weed to a great extent. Be sure to order your cannabis seeds from us, and we will help you cultivate the best pot by shipping our fruitful cannabis seeds to you.

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Do you have any more reasons why you grow your marijuana? Let us know in the comments!