The end of February 2020 was a good time for Oakland Hills NBA fans. Thanks to the new NBA weed policy, every participant in that had to follow to the letter all the NBA weed rules that have been set for all the attendees.

At first, it seemed to be a hard thing to follow, but those who were willing did not see any difficulty in following the rules. First, all the tickets were selling at a regular price of $200. The other law was to purchase the tickets online. Nothing was to be sold on-site.

Before anybody was allowed entry to the venue, which was not announced many days before, one had to undergo thorough screening. Besides, nobody was allowed to use their personal vehicles, carry a cell phone, or any suspicious stuff.

Attendees were asked to meet somewhere, a central location in Oakland hills. It was from this central point that they were picked, but Mercedes Benz vans, dropped somewhere half the trip before they were dropped then they shuttled shortly before arriving at the chosen destination.

The Purpose of The Occasion

Although those who attended knew what the subject of the meeting was, they did not realize that there could be thorough screening. Brian Shaw, the retired coach, and NBA player, played the host.

The former NBA coach and player uses different forms of the cannabis plant, and he is convinced that thanks to the use of the various types of marijuana, he has been able to achieve what he has achieved in life. Brian says, “Marijuana makes my life comfortable.”

All the attendees were given a detailed invitation form that had several pages. On page 12 of the invitation sheet, were photos of some of the former NBA stars. Joe Montana, the Hall of Fame quarterback, and David Stern, former NBA commissioner were pictured.

The two fellows were among a few other individuals who were captured with happy faces showing how cannabis has helped them in their lives. Photos were captioned with how the two believe cannabis can help increase health performance in the NBA.

Nikki Shaw, who served as a co-chef and Nikki Steward, the celebrated area chef was present. The two renowned chefs prepared a meal that had eight courses, with some of the ingredients most attendees have never tasted. 

Chicken potpies, braised lamb shanks, veggies, and lobster cheese filled the tables, and there is no doubt that attendees were left salivating. Semi-nude women served the attendees who were happy to have been invited.

An Occasion Full Of Fun

To the attendees, the evening party was well organized. The party was branded ‘A Culinary Experience that Stretches Your Perspective & Your Palate.’ Although the description seemed simple, a lot was in store for the participants.

Live music and resident DJ mixing the tapes graced the occasion. In addition, attendees were treated to a late-night party like no other, a night where they drank cannabis-infused cocktails, beer, and lots of local and imported wine.

At strategic positions near the swimming pool were massage tables for anyone who needed the special body treatment. If anyone wanted to 'roll their own,' there were a few stations set aside for the experience. In addition, those who did not know how to use terpenes were given special instructions on how to do so.

Lots of cannabis-infused products were available for those that use marijuana and whoever wanted to taste it for the first time. Scores of federal agents watched the occasion and ensured security was guaranteed to the attendees.

Although it was an NBA self-organized event, only retired NBA players and coaches were invited. According to Brian Shaw, NBA weed policy does not allow active players to use weed at the prime of their careers. Brian said, “Because we understand NBA weed policy fully, it would be an act of irresponsibility on my part to have current NBA players attend this party.”

To Shaw and his lovely wife Nikki, it was a pleasure and an honor to receive over 250 former NBA players, coaches, and fans in their hilltop home. Seeing his ‘friends’ whom Shaw constantly referred to as family, partake cannabis in its various forms, was a pleasant thing to the family of Shaw.

Currently, 46 states have legalized the use of cannabis in their territories. Although rules on the use of marijuana differ from state to another, there is a likelihood that the remaining states may follow suit. Hitherto, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Idaho have not shown any sign of approving the use of any form of cannabis among its residents.


Is weed allowed in the NBA?

NBA does not approve the use of weed. Marijuana remains in the list of drugs and substances that NBA bans.

What are the rules concerning weed use in the NBA?

NBA suspends and punishes by not allowing players. The body even fines players who, after thorough investigations, prove that the player(s) have used marijuana in any form. However, there are those like Harrington and Shaw, who believe that it is high time NBA removed cannabis from the list of drugs and substances banned by the National Basketball Association.

Which players are weed advocates in the NBA?

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant and Dion Waiters are among the famed NBA players who are strong advocates of weed. According to Durant, the pot is like coffee, and every NBA player drinks lots of coffee every morning. The two believe more than 50% of NBA players take some form of weed.

Does the NBA test for weed?

Yes! NBA started testing for weed in 1999 during the reign of David Stern. During this time, a section of NBA players began to complain of their peers playing high; thus, the change in NBA weed rules.

How long does weed stay in the system of an athlete?

It is a tough question with no direct answer. However, the number of days weed is likely to last in the body of an athlete is somewhere between 10 and 30 days. If an athlete consumes marijuana regularly, it will stay longer in his/her bloodstream. However, the amount of weed taken, the dosage or form, and the athlete's body weight are among the significant factors that determine the number of days weed stays in an athlete's body.

According to the NBA weed policy, no active player found to have taken weed will be allowed to play. The player will either be suspended, fined, or be punished in any form, as stated in the NBA weed rules.

Disclaimer: This content is meant for educational purposes only. It has been compiled with research from external sources. it is not meant to substitute any medical or legal advice. Please see your local laws for the legality of cannabis use.