A cannabis plant can sometimes be damaged. A branch can bend and even crack. If a stem is not completely broken off and if it is not too big, it can still be repaired. By supporting the plant stem at the part where the damage is, for example, with a piece of tape, the parts can grow together again. But if you do nothing, the plant can get sick.

Every grower has to deal with it sometimes: a bent or broken stem. The harvest can be influenced by this since no flower tops will grow on a broken stem. In addition, the plant will put energy into a branch that is of no use to you in the end. So take immediate action if you see that your weed plant has been damaged in one way or another. Repairing a branch is not as hard as you may think, and your plant will be very grateful!

What makes a branch break?

broken branch

Branches can be damaged in various ways. Trees are often damaged by stormy weather with strong wind. But what about marijuana plants? Most often plant stems are damaged when moving the plant. If you are not careful with it, damage to a branch is easily done. But a plant can also be damaged by a strong wind. There are also cultivation techniques where the branches are bent, such as high and low-stress training. Here too something can go wrong. Suppose the branches do not break down completely, then the production of your plant may decline. If a plant has a crack, pathogens can enter and make your plant sick, it may even die from it. Reason enough to take good care of your weed plant and to act quickly if a branch is broken.

Repairing branches

Do you have a branch where a piece is snapped off? Then you can fix it with a piece of tape. Most of the times just some tape is sufficient to help the plant. So, time to play Macgyver! Search for good tape, thin tape for minor damage, and wide tape if you need to support a larger part of the branch. If you repair a large, heavy branch, the branch will weigh quite a bit, so you need a sturdy, wide tape that offers sufficient support. How does it work? Make sure you cut a piece of tape of about 15 centimeters, depending on how large the branch is that you are repairing. Now wrap the tape around the broken part and make sure that the parts of the branch fit together properly, as they were when nothing was wrong. Make sure the tape is tight around the area to be repaired.

The cannabis plant itself has to work to repair the damage and cure itself, but to do that, the broken stems must be well and tightly together. Check every day if the healing is going well. The recovery can take a while, sometimes up to 3 weeks. Check every now and then whether the tape is still firmly attached. The tighter the better. It is important to be very careful when removing the tape, so as not to damage the branch again.

How do you repair broken branches of your weed plants?

Bonbon d'Amour grows into a large, sturdy shrub with wide branches.