Jamaican Ganja

Marijuana has almost infinite different names. And new, creative names are still being added every day.

There are a number of main names such as cannabis, marijuana, and weed. And they will probably continue to exist. But because the cannabis industry is currently running at full speed, many fantastic names will probably be added to the list.

You have to see it this way. If you love something very much, then you choose a name carefully and with love, right?

There is another name that you will encounter a lot, and that is Ganja


In addition to cannabis, marijuana, and weed, there is another name that you will encounter a lot, and that is Ganja. But what is Ganja? Is Ganja different from those others? Or is it just another name for the same herb?

Where do Ganja and the word Ganja come from?

The general idea is that the word Ganja comes from Jamaica, where the Rastas used Ganja to stir up spirituality. It would be used in spiritual ceremonies. But actually, Ganja comes from the Sanskrit, from the Indian subcontinent. The term is a reference to the Sativa tribe.

Ganja is used by Rastas as a spiritual exercise. It is even claimed that the river Ganges is named after Ganja because the plant grows so lush and upright on the banks of the river.

Do you know Dagga?

There is another name that you regularly come across, especially if you are familiar with South Africa, and that name is Dagga. The term Dagga comes from the Khoi tribe. This originally South African tribe used the word "Dacha" that in their area was the word for plants with a narcotic effect.

The word Dagga is still widely used in Southern Africa

The word Dagga is still widely used in Southern Africa, but it is a kind of slang name. You will not hear it often in a polite conversation.

Some say Ganja is Jamaican for weed. Other say that Ganja is Hindi. However, Ganja is just another word for marijuana or cannabis.

Maybe we only have a clue where Ganja was originated, but what we do know of sure is that we like Ganja a lot!