What is Cannabis Sativa?

The Cannabis sativa plant is an annual herbaceous plant that comes from the cannabaceae family. The sativa species was first classified in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus, a botanist from Sweden who studied in the Netherlands. The Sativa is believed to have been derived from a common ancestor cannabis that originated in Central Asia before it has divided into the various gene pools of the cannabis sativa and the cannabis indica.

Sativa strains have a healing effect and offer the user an energetic and uplifting psychoactive state.

The cannabis sativa has a fairly longer growing period, which ultimately leads to high yields. Because pure sativa strains do not have autoflowering genetics, a change in the photoperiod is needed to get them into their flowering period.


The Sativa plant has a somewhat majestic but lanky shape. Sativa marijuana plants have long, slender leaves. These large cannabis plants are usually grown outdoors.

Sativa plants are adapted to continue to grow during the flowering phase. This is from the time of the emergence of equatorial areas in which the gene pool was exposed to an almost constant annual amount of light for about 16 hours a day.

The growth pattern of the sativa ensures that the plant erupts vertically and develops many, full buds and therefore gives high yields.


The strong genes of the cannabis sativa are the reason that it has been used industrially for tens of thousands of years. Due to its enormous size, it produces large and long stems and it can be processed into products ranging from paper, textile and building materials.

Many modern sativa strains that are cultivated for recreational and medical purposes and contain a lot of the psychoactive substance cannabinoid THC.

The cannabis sativa for the industry requires little or no THC, because selective breeding for industrial purposes is based on the structure of the plant rather than on the size and quality of the buds.

Another reason is that there are worldwide regulations that require industrial hemp to contain less than 0.03% THC.


Modern cannabis sativa strains can have very high THC levels. The high is associated with euphoria, an energetic state of mind and a relaxed buzz.


Many users of Sativa use it during the day because it increases alertness and creativity, allowing the user to remain functional in daily tasks.

Cannabis Sativa is also an important player in the medical field. It is used in the treatment of, for example, mental disorders and stress.

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