weed hangover

We all know what a hangover is like. Bad headaches, tiredness, and the craving for takeaway food are all signs that you were out drinking last night! But what are the symptoms if you smoked weed the other night? Read on to find out everything about it!

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Can cannabis give you a hangover?

The hard truth about cannabis is that you can get a hangover just like with alcohol. Sorry, we have to tell you ;-). And just like alcohol, they occur when you drink too much. Maybe you just experienced a weed hangover but didn't notice it. Here are a few signs that you may have taken just one hit too many last night.


We all know that the use of pot can cause a so called cotton mouth. So this is why it makes sense that smoking too much causes dehydration. Dehydration obviously causes headaches. Or maybe you have a headache because your brain worked overtime last night during your high adventures. Anyhow, there is a simple solution: just drink a lot. And by that, we mean water. Drink a few glasses before, during, and after your toking session to prevent you from waking up with the feeling that a hammer has hit you on the head.

What about red eyes?

Red eyes are a common and noticeable sign that you have been smoking a lot. After inhaling, cannabinoids in cannabis slow your tears and salivary glands, causing your eyes to dry out and turn red. The solution here is also quite simple: drink a lot of water! Besides that, get some good moisturizing eye drops so your eyes won't look like you've been swimming in a chlorine pool without goggles.


A weed hangover means you wake up tired. Although some marijuana strains are used to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders, some studies have shown that weeds can actually affect your sleep performance. One reason you feel tired when you wake up or smoke in the morning after a long night is that marijuana affects your REM sleep and sometimes shuts it off. If you know your sleep is slightly affected by smoking weed, do not smoke too close to the bed and give yourself 8 hours of sleep to make sure your body is fully recovered.

Brain fog

Marijuana hangovers are known to cause brain fog or sluggishness in users who have smoked too much the night before. This is the result of several factors, including the influence of weed on memory and cognitive functions. Studies have shown that marijuana adversely affects short-term memory among long-term consumers. Sometimes it can take a second for you to remember where you are when you wake up. Hot coffee and sweaty exercise, however, are a safe ways to get rid of the fog.

Still worth it

A hangover caused by cannabis is easy to overcome. With a bit of water, some coffee, and maybe some exercise, you will be back to normal in no time!

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Have you ever had a weed hangover? let us know and leave a comment below