hands grinding marijuana by hand

You can use your hands to grind your weed into smaller chunks that will burn more evenly and provide you with the best of your weed's cannabinoids. This process is straightforward; all you need is your hands and a flat surface!

For a Youtube video about the best ways to grind weed with your hands, click here.

How to grind weed with your hands?

For the first method, you will only need a rolling tray and your hands.

  • Curve the palm of your hand into a bowl shape and place the marijuana bud on it.

  • Spread out your other hand's palm so you can collect your ground weed on it. Alternatively, you can use a rolling tray to collect the ground weed.

  • Position your bud in the area between your thumb, index, and middle fingers.

  • Crush the bud by rolling it against your fingers. Ensure it's directly above your spread-out hand or over the rolling tray, so your weed doesn't go to waste.

  • Continue rolling the weed until you're satisfied that the bud is crumbed enough.

  • Sort through your ground weed for larger pieces and break them apart with your fingertips until they are even with the rest.

  • Your bud is now ready, and you can roll it in a joint or pack it in your bowl for a highly potent session.


The only problem with this old-school method is that it can have some resin stick to your palms, especially if the marijuana is sticky from itself. That's a shame because it contains a lot of THC.

So, ideally, you should not wash the resin away. Instead, you should scrape it off with a key and add it when rolling your joint.

Note: If the weed is too sticky, you can consider putting it out to dry or placing it in the freezer.

How to grind weed with a credit card?

Secondly, an option that always comes in handy, especially when you don't carry a lot with you, is grinding weed with a credit card. Most of us usually have a card in our wallets or pockets. This can be a credit card, but you can also use any other plastic card.

  • Place the bud on a hard surface. This can be anything from cardboard paper to even a rock.

  • Hold the bud firmly with your non-dominant hand.

  • Hold your credit card with your dominant hand and start scraping your bud gently with the card from side to side or up and down.

  • Continue scraping your bud until its ground completely.

  • Your bud is now smooth and ready for an effective session.

This is not the easiest and fastest method of grinding weed, but grinding weed with a credit card can be very effective.


Grind weed using a knife and chopping board

Chopping your weed like any other herb. It works perfectly fine!

Step 1: you can place it on a chopping board, and just like vegetables, pick a knife to chop the weed into small pieces from one end to the other.

Step 2: you can use a grater. Take the weed buds and rub them against a grater, but keep in mind that you can spill quite some valuable THC crystals that will stick to the grater. And that you don't easily get off.

Step 3: you can also place the buds in a blender and simply blend them. The merit of using this simple method is that there will be no residue on your hands, and the blender will grind the weed into wonderful particles that will allow easy rolling.

Step 4: the next method you can employ is simply using a pestle and mortar. The best option is to place the weed on the mortar and crush it with the pestle. However, this may require you to pre-dry the weed appropriately; otherwise, the weed could become mush in the mortar instead of breaking.

Step 5: of course, you can also take a pair of scissors and cut the weed into small particles, then roll it.

For a Youtube video with other ways to grind weed, you can click here.


Final thoughts

It does not mean you can't smoke weed if you don't have a grinder. Although a grinder does the job better than anything else, your hands will get the job done almost as well. And the best part, wherever you go, you always have them with you!

Frequently asked questions

How to grind weed by hand?

  • Shape one of your hands into a bowl
  • Using the other hand, get the buds, place them in the curved hand and gently break them
  • Place a tray below the cupped hand and begin rubbing the buds against the palms
  • After applying balanced force, you have your ground weed.

How to grind weed leaves?

  • Get a clean, dry pill bottle
  • Put your dried weed leaves inside the bottle
  • Drop a penny and tightly close the bottle
  • Shake the bottle vigorously for up to 2 minutes
  • Check and see if the weed leaves have been ground to your preferred size
  • If not, shake once more for a minute.

Can I grind weed with a coffee grinder?

Yes, you can grind weed with a coffee grinder. Place fully dried weed in a coffee bean grinder and switch the grinder on for about 3 seconds. After that, check whether the weed has successfully been ground to your excellent taste. If not, repeat the process until you have reached your preferred grind.

Does grinding weed affect potency?

Yes, depending on your method, grinding weed can affect its potency. If you use a grinder with a kief catcher, then the potency of the weed will be increased since more oxygen can flow when smoking. Conversely, grinding weed with your hand may leave the resin, which lowers potency.

How to grind weed with long nails?

To grind weed with long nails, you will need to break the buds into smaller chunks and then use the fingernails to further break down each of the smaller chunks into smaller pieces. Repeat the same process for each nug until you get some ground weed of your desired size.