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Know your weed words! We have compiled a list of weed vocabulary that you should definitely know. So go for it and improve your cannabis knowledge. The cannabis community excels in weird and crazy weed related terms. Does your head also spin because of all those different, quazi-creative names of strains, concentrates and products? No stress! We come to the rescue to clarify some of those confusing terms. Scroll through this article and brush up your canna knowledge. Soon you will amaze your smoking buddies with your up-to-date weed vocabulary.

Weed vocabulary


CBD a.k.a. cannabidiol. If you haven't lived under a stone for the past years, you have certainly heard of this miracle-cannabinoid. CBD helps prevent breakdown of the endocannabinoids in the human body. CBD enjoys a lot of popularity among medical users because CBD has a lot of health benefits to offer. CBD is added to many products such as coffee, ice cream, body lotions, creams and even pet food. There are also special CBD weed strains for sale. These have very little THC in them, and have no psychoactive effect.


This is a bit of a technical story. QWISO, Quick Wash Isopropyl, is an extraction method. With this, concentrates, essential oils and other substances are made from cannabis. We will not elaborate on this now, but will devote a separate blog to it shortly. It is a very interesting method.

Cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are very popular. Concentrates are powerful substances that arise when the cannabis plant is dissolved in a solvent. This results in various end products such as oils, shatter, hashish, cumb and wax. All cannabis concentrates contain a lot of THC, so watch out if you consume them.


Dabbing is a trend that is constantly growing within the cannabis culture. For dapping, apply a small amount of (cannabis) concentrate to a hot surface (from a dab rig) and then breathe in the THC-rich vapor. Dabbing makes you go as high as a kite.


With grinder we don't mean the dating app for gay people. No sir! The grinder that we mean here is a mill that is used to grind (break down) dried marijuana.

Hash or hashish

Hashish is made from the resin of the cannabis flower, which is scraped off and then compressed. It is also made from weed dust (or kief) that, for example, remains in the bottom a grinder. Hashish is actually a cannabis concentrate, it is very strong. There are many variations on traditional hashish nowadays.

Dab Rig

A dab-rig is a water pipe that is suitable for dabbing concentrates.

Dried flower

You will find this most often. With dried flower is meant the buds of the female cannabis plant that have been harvested, cured and dried. These flowers contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cannabis Club

A Cannabis Club is a slang name for a store or dispensary that sells medical cannabis, or where you can get other weed-like products. In California and Cannada, marijuana is legalized under certain conditions for medical and / or recreational use. Legalization issues are happening all over the world and in many countries new laws are being drafted that make some form of legalization possible.


Do you ever hear the word toke? But you do not understand exactly what it means? Well, a toke is really just the inhalation of cannabis smoke. So if you toke, you breath in the deliscious THC or CBD rich smoke from your blunt, joint, pipe, or whatever device you are using.

Generation blunt

A so-called Generation blunt is a marijuana blunt. But roaches from other, already smoked, blunts were included in that blunt. This is because a lot of active substances remain in a roach, because you suck these substances towards the mouthpiece of your blunt with every toke. If you save those roaches, maybe chop them up a bit, you can again roll a powerful, new blunt / joint out of it.

Poor Man Speedball

Now we come to a topic where it really becomes fun! No, seriously, if you mix different substances together, you always have to be careful. A Poor Man Speedball is the use of cannabis and at the same time drinking caffeine. That is pretty harmless in itself, although the effects can greatly reinforce each other. But a real Speedball is the use of heroin and cocaine at the same time, and we are certainly not going to promote that here! But then you know where the Poor Man Speedball name comes from.


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Does the strain name Blue Dream already appear in your weed vocabulary?