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Location is incredibly important. It is vital to factor in light, temperature, space, and humidity as these can all influence how well a plant grows. For people who are new to growing, it is best to start small. A place such as a spare cupboard or small walk-in wardrobe would do the trick.

Keeping your grow space small enables you to maintain your grow easier and more accurately manage the space, keeping at bay the burden of making costly errors. The bigger the room, the higher the number of factors needed to think about. Choosing a small area will minimize the need for large and costly humidifiers, air conditioning, and lights.

For people who are new to growing, it is best to start small

Fantastic Idea

Environmental elements are incredibly important when growing cannabis plants. Learning how to adjust the light, temperature and humidity will help you be able to adjust conditions in real time. It is also integral that you come aware of a plant’s indicators that something is wrong – your plants will tell you if you’re not doing something right. Investing in a timer for your lights is a fantastic idea as it helps automate the process and leaves less room for error.

Choose a strain can be difficult

Soil and Seeds Any decent quality soil should work for a grow, as long as it doesn’t have in it any artificial extended release fertilizers. Make sure that you never use soil that already has nutrients in it. There are three nutrients needed to produce a healthy plant; potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. All of these naturally occur in soil anyway.

Seeds are the more interesting part of the process, but keep in mind that choosing the right strain for you can be difficult. Whether you decide on Indica or Sativa, always remember it's vital, to begin with feminized seeds so that the cannabis will produce buds.

I think that Indica strains are best for beginners because they are easier to work within a small space – the plants tend to be smaller, though bushier, which optimizes your space usage.

Reduce Stress

TLC may sound stupid and obvious but don’t forget to check in on your plants and give them some love and care once in a while. In doing this, you’ll get to know your plants and be able to pick up on indicators they may display if they need extra care.

A plant that’s doing well is beneficial for more than just financial gain or personal use of the end product as gardening has been linked to reducing stress, decreasing depression, and other mental health issues as well as lowering blood pressure.


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