How to smoke marijuana for the first time: 10 tips

As days forge ahead and with cannabis getting legalized across more parts of the world, many adults are smoking pot for the first time. It could be the same case with you too – being here to get prepared psychologically before starting taking weed for the first time.

There are loads of myths and misconceptions surrounding smoking marijuana for the first time. The truth of the matter is that being a first-time smoker won't subject you to some of those myths like promiscuity and social crimes. Be sure to read these excellent tips, and you will no longer feel like a first-time smoker.

But wait, before reading the points, you can be sure to…

Have own pot

While most first-time cannabis smokers take their hit from friends, it would be great if you have your grass ready. You don’t have to depend on friends to pass a blunt to you or take your first at a bash. You can be sure to buy your pot.

In the quest to buy weed from a cannabis dispensary, be sure to carry your Identification Documents. The bartender may or may not attend to you if you can't prove that you are above 18 or 21, depending on the laws in your country.

With your own pot, you will realize that there are loads of benefits in taking pot in self-isolation, especially during the moments where there are contagious diseases like the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, if you find that you are in the company of your friends, and would like to try out a hit for the first time, be sure to read the following tips. Grass is grass, anyway, be it yours or a friend’s.

1.    Familiarize yourself with the local laws

Laws do vary from state to state. The legality could vary in terms of possession, age, and places to consume recreational marijuana.

That said, you should know at first what your country says about cannabis smoking. If, for instance, you shouldn't smoke pot publicly, then you should be sure to take it indoors.

This makes you have mental stability since you don’t have to worry about finding yourself on the wrong side of the law. Muster all the laws surrounding pot usage, and you will have started eyeing taking pot hassle-freely the first time.

2.    Prepare yourself psychologically

There is a possibility that you won't get high the first time to smoke cannabis. This could probably be because you will not have done the rolling well, or your anxiety will be so much that you won’t notice that you have taken weed.

It has been a typical case with many first-timers and could turn out to be not an exception with you. The critical reason for telling you to prepare yourself mentally is that you can easily be turned off when you don't reach your desired destiny at first.

If you don't get high the first time, you shouldn't be disheartened. Be sure to dust yourself and chest thump that the second time you will be in your best form.

3.    Take some munchies in advance

It is an excellent practice to take what the body craves before smoking your pot for the first time. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn't take weed on an empty belly. Eat first, and you will be sure to enjoy your first time smoking experience and the times that follow after that.

4.    Drink water before starting

Among the side effects associated with the consumption of recreational pot is dry/cottonmouth. That said, it would be helpful if you hydrate your body before smoking marijuana for the first time. You should not only hydrate your mouth before taking your pot but also have a bottle ready.

That should come after taking your favorite munches. The reason for hydrating is that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most prevalent cannabinoid in marijuana, interacts with the cannabinoid receptors found along with the submandibular glands.

Submandibular glands are responsible for producing saliva. The THC bond with submandibular glands means that there will be a slight break in saliva production; thus, making you develop a dry mouth. There is no cause for worry, though. After the effects of THC fade from the body, then you remain free from such a condition.

5.    Start slow

As it is your first time, be sure to make your cannabis dosage as low as possible. There won’t be a point in overindulging yourself while you aren't yet used to taking the pot.

You can, therefore, keep on increasing the dosage step by step after you familiarize yourself with taking pot. The main emphasis is that you should take a few puffs during your first time.

If the effects kick in and you feel that you are becoming uneasy with yourself, then that should be your ideal time to stop and continue from there probably the next day or the next time you will be comfortable taking another puff.

6.    Select your smoking option wisely

Smoking options are so many today that you may be lost of choice. These include but are not limited to joints, bowls, and bongs. Depending on your preference, it would be helpful if you chose a soft option or the first time.

For instance, choosing to smoke a blunt during your first time would be softer than going the dab rig way. That way, you may stay away from paranoia that could have otherwise been caused by taking pot in heavy options like bongs. As you familiarize yourself more with pot and how it reacts with your respiratory system, you can then go overboard after gaining "experience."

7.    Be in a comfortable place

When taking pot for the first time, you may develop couch-locked feelings depending on the strain you are taking. While it may not be the case with every first-timer, that is not to say it cannot happen to you.  

You need to be in such a comfortable environment that there would be someone to keep you on check in case you develop feelings of sleepiness. Taking your first pot in a living room while watching the best stoner movies can go a long way in giving you the comfort you would adore.

Secondly, you can comfortably relax on the couches in case the couch-locked feelings get a hold on you.

8.    Don’t roll the joint yourself

While you may be curious to roll the joint yourself, the probability of rolling it wrongly is to the greatest extent. You should let the bartender do it yourself or anyone else you may find experienced. Remember, you should try to make your first time smoking cannabis as enjoyable as possible.

If, for any reason, you are the only one who can do it, be sure to research first about how to roll a joint. This could be through watching the related videos repeatedly until you get in a position to do it correctly.

9.    Take your weed in the company of trustable friends

You shouldn't take grass in the presence of strangers. Picture this…what if you develop feelings of sleepiness? Strangers may end up robbing you or doing anything unexpected to you. Taking your weed in the company of friends whom you can count on is among the best tips to consider when taking your pot for the first time.

Secondly, you should only allow such dependable friends to roll your joint. Necessarily, if you don't see your weed getting packed or rolled, it would be wise to reconsider. It's either your pot is trustable, or you wait until someone you can trust comes forth, and you take your weed in their company.

10. Inhale properly

It may be challenging to know how you should inhale now that it will be your first time to smoke cannabis. However, see the inhalation process this way – inhale the same way you would when taking a deep yawn. Don't do it like you are inhaling using a straw.

Just that you have to be careful, the smoke should go to your lungs, not anywhere else. Do you have anymore tips that we forgot to include? Let us know!

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