Sprouting Cannabis Seeds

The temperature at which you keep your cannabis seeds is significant to the longevity of your cannabis seeds. The lower temperatures help the growth process to slow down. This, in turn, extends the life of the seed.

But be careful; you don't want to keep the temperature too low. If you bring the temperature extremely low, you will cause the seeds to slow their germination. It would be best to not experience unexpected germination; however, you can cause damage inside the seed. If there is too much moisture, the seeds may form ice crystals which can kill your cannabis seeds.

The ideal temperature to store your cannabis seeds at is between 4-8º C (39 - 47º F). Now, this isn't to say that if you keep your seeds at 3º C, that major catastrophe will strike. It is just the safest range to keep your seeds alive and able to grow.

You don't want the temperature to fluctuate much. A nice steady range of temperature is what is best for keeping your marijuana seeds in good condition.

Keep your cannabis seeds away from bright light

Bright Light is the enemy of your cannabis seed. A powerful source of light can cause your seed damage. Remember, your seeds are the same seeds that would normally grow on a marijuana plant. These seeds fall to the ground in the autumn, when the light is not as intense as in the spring and summer. These seeds spend months underground, away from intense light.

To keep your cannabis seeds in growing condition, store them in the proper container. A light-proof container is your best chance to keep your seeds from dying (or germinating and then dying) while they are being stored.

Keep your cannabis seeds in the correct humidity range

Do you know how you feel when the humidity is very high? You feel like you are sweating like crazy, and there isn't enough air conditioner in the world to help. How about when the humidity is so low that you're the inside of your nose dries out? Neither of these conditions is comfortable for you; neither is it for your marijuana seeds.

Humidity can play an important role in the longevity of your cannabis seeds. If you have too much humidity, your weed seeds can soften. They can also be susceptible to growing mold and rotting. This is not what you want.

Too little humidity can also terrorize your cannabis seeds. If you want your weed seeds to remain healthy while being stored, you do not want the seeds to dry out and crack. This can happen if the humidity level at which you store your seeds is too low.

So what's the right spot? When is the humidity just right for storing your marijuana seeds? Well, it depends. There is a range. If you put your seeds in a humidity-proof container and keep the levels in the sweet spot, you should be OK.

But what's the sweet spot for cannabis seeds? The best humidity range is between 21-30% for cannabis seed storage. Anything above that can cause sweating and weaken the seed wall. Anything below that can cause your seed to become brittle.

How long can my cannabis seeds last in storage?

Cannabis seeds (weed seeds, marijuana seeds) can remain good for a long time. How long you can keep your seeds depends on how you store them.

Cannabis seeds can last long if kept in good condition. The seed contains food which allows the seed to stay alive for an extended period. As long as the food is available, and there are no external causes of the seed dying, your cannabis seeds should be able to stay along for a long time.

So how long is a long time? If you store your cannabis seeds correctly, they can last up to 5 years and sometimes even longer.

Your Cannabis seeds can last for about three years without losing any power to germinate. If they are kept well, your weed seeds should not be affected until about 3 years. After that, they can start to break down.

Conclusion on how to store cannabis seeds

Your cannabis seeds love consistency. They do not want to be disturbed. So how do we do this?

- Keep the temperature of your cannabis seeds relatively constant. Do not move them from cold to warm to cold temperatures.

- Keep the humidity around your seeds consistent. You don't want the humidity to fluctuate wildly. Keep the humidity in the range mentioned earlier.

- Keep cannabis seeds in the dark. Remember, they do not like harsh, intense light.

- Keep the life of your cannabis seeds as stress-free as possible. Do not move them around unnecessarily. Do not introduce sudden changes to their environment.

If you keep your marijuana seeds in a stable, refrigerated environment, away from intense light, and stored in the correct humidity range; they should be able to last for years in storage.