Smoking Joint

The old saying, marijuana brings people together is so true. However, just like with all other things which take place in a social setting, with weed some social rules exist which are known as stoner etiquette.


You likely already have experience with smoke sessions and probably some rules are second nature to you. But there is no stoner who was born with all the experience. So, this article will teach a bit to those who are not familiar with stoner etiquette but do love to use marijuana within the norms in a social setting.


Suppose you are all in a circle, which often happens when you smoke a joint with a group of friends, then passing on a joint is very simple. You simply pass it on to the next person, clockwise.

One thing that you must avoid doing is taking the weed from someone else. This is one of the cardinal rules of stoner etiquette, really general etiquette.

With regards to medical marijuana, it is important to make sure you have the proper sharing tactics in place which means everyone should bring their own medicine and simply share stories!


On a serious note, it is never a good idea to swipe anything off a friend or associate. Keep the positive vibes high within your own personal cannabis community and make sure to remember what goes around comes around. If nothing else, it is always best to follow the golden rule and treat others, how you'd wish to be treated.


Occasionally you will run into the situation of someone "faking a pass." Faking a pass means that someone pretends to smoke but he or she is only taking gestures.

Someone might feel the urge to fake a pass if they are smoking in a new circle and want to impress people.

If you're feeling good and had enough already, just kindly pass the joint to the next person. Everyone's limit should be respected. If yours is, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Just take advantage of these stoner etiquette rules and enjoy your smoking session!

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