Growing Weed in Space Bucket

If you have limited space or money, but still want to grow weed, a space bucket could be the right thing for you. For this, you only need cheap materials, which you can find in most hardware stores. Let's explore what's going on with this increasingly popular micro-growing technology.

A Space Bucket connects all the important elements of a grow room in a small, self-contained environment. A bucket has enough space for at least a small cannabis plant and a plant lamp, fans for ventilation, and a power supply. The typical space bucket consists of a big bucket (about 19-liter), with the rest of the design limited only by your imagination and available space. Think of storage or waste containers if you want to optimize your device.

Why grow weed in a space bucket?

Cannabis cultivation in a space bucket has three key benefits: low cost, small footprint, and total control.

Low cost

Creating a space bucket does not require a big budget. Of course, you can spend $ 2000 to build an entire, full-service grow room, but the cost of setting up a micro-growing environment is only a tenth of that. You can find the required items and materials either at your home or you can buy them at a hardware store. Easy does it!

Little need for space

Space buckets take up very little space, making them ideal for tiny homes, shared apartments, or houses with many occupants. If you have a spare corner in your closet, garage, or under the sink in the kitchen, you can grow weed in a space bucket easily. If you live in a place that is heavily frequented by other people, you should disguise the bucket well by putting other buckets around to hide all the cables. No one should be able to detect a leaking light once the bucket is closed. However, you may still hear a faint hum from the fans.

Complete control

Most Space Bucket growers choose this form of cannabis cultivation because they want to make full use of the opportunities to grow in a small space. Sealed micro-growing environments give you complete control over your farming project, which results in both advantages and disadvantages.

A small mistake that can easily be eradicated in a grow room can be enough to kill your plants in a space bucket. So, keep that in mind. But if you provide consistent lighting, nutrients, and the right pH, you can experiment a bit to see how big the effects of small changes are.

For this, you need at least two space buckets, in which you grow the same weed strain under different conditions. You could train your plants differently, send some of them into flowering earlier or use different fertilizers. Soon you will be able to recognize which of your methods works better. Stay with the one that works best and use it for your next space bucket project or integrate your newly acquired knowledge into a larger crop.