Detox Drinks

Let us say you have an upcoming drug test, for instance. That leaves you with no option.

You have to detox to pass your test.

Passing this test means that THC levels should not be detected in your blood, urine, and saliva samples. It is possible to cleanse your system even if you are a chronic weed user.

Luckily, cannabis users have multiple cannabis detoxing options.

You can seek professional help from a detox professional, for instance. Alternatively, you can still detox from cannabis on your own. Going to a professional drug detoxifier can be costly. Also, buying marijuana detox products such as kits and cleansers is costly. Detoxing on your own can be effective and affordable in the long run. In addition, it is easy, and anyone can do it.

Marijuana detox drinks are the best detoxification options for marijuana users who prefer to detox on their own.

Used effectively, these drinks can detox cannabis from your body while replenishing it with a host of essential nutrients. Please be advised and read the information on Detoxes and Cleanses from the Department of Health and Human Services, so you are aware of what to expect.

The guide below is jam-packed with valuable information about marijuana detox drinks. Read to discover how these drinks can eliminate the compounds your body has accumulated from marijuana.

What are cannabis detox drinks?

These are simply cleansing beverages used for cleansing the body of THC and other cannabis-related components. They have ingredients proven to help with flushing THC out of a cannabis consumer0s body.

The drinks aren0t the usual drinks we take daily. Cannabis detox drinks are unique since they help eliminate toxins in the liver, kidney, and entire body. The consumption of marijuana brings about such toxins.

The average consumer might detox from cannabis for many reasons. The most obvious reason is to pass their drug tests for others; it is because of health concerns, especially if they have been using cannabis for a long time.

Others could have given up on cannabis altogether and wanted to eliminate the toxins they have in their bodies. No matter why you want to detox, detox drinks can potentially solve your drug testing problems.

What benefits do detox drinks offer?

Cannabis users often wonder what benefits marijuana detox drinks have over other detoxification options. Surprisingly, detox drinks for marijuana offer so many benefits other than combating THC overload in the body. The benefits below will leave you assured that marijuana detox drinks are a worthy detoxification option for you:

  • They improve liver function- cannabis metabolites work against the liver. Detox drinks can provide the liver with a consistent dose of detox. This keeps your liver functioning accordingly.
  • They reduce inflammation-some detox medications cause inflammation of the liver. But detox drinks are easy on the liver. They further minimize the inflammation caused by toxins from cannabis and toxins from other drugs, including alcohol.
  • They boost energy-detox drinks fight the toxic overload occasioned by prolonged consumption of cannabis. The toxic overload weighs down on your mind. Since detox drinks have toxin-fighting capabilities, they can cleanse you from within. Your energy levels will be boosted dramatically after consuming these detox drinks.
  • They combat withdrawal effects- for consumers who have given up on marijuana and are now searching for a nice detoxifying option, detoxing drinks will serve them well. Quitting weed exposes consumers to withdrawal effects. Detoxing drinks can combat these effects while still cleansing the body of toxins.

Yes, cannabis detoxing drinks are awesome!

The challenge to marijuana consumers, however, is to get a drink that can successfully work for their detoxing efforts. Some drinks do not work at all.
Particularly those advertised for commercial gains. The trick here is for a marijuana consumer to get a drink that will effectively rid the harmful elements of cannabis from their system.

Marijuana detox drinks you can try

Whether you have an upcoming drug test or whatever reason you have for detoxing, here are a couple of detox drinks for marijuana to boost your detoxing efforts:

1. Lemon juice

The benefits of consuming lemon juice go beyond detoxing from marijuana. Lemon juice aids with improving digestive health, protecting the body against anemia, preventing kidney stones, and controlling weight, to name the multiple benefits of lemon juice.

As a marijuana detox, lemon juice boasts powerful detoxing capabilities. It flushes out the harmful THC metabolites from the body. Lemon juice is effective when mixed with water. It can detox the body in small quantities when mixed with only 500ml of water.

The drink must be taken hourly to detox marijuana effectively. Lemon juice could help you pass your drug test if you consume it 8 hours before. Consumers who have been vaping or dabbing hard shouldn0t forget to have a bottle of lemon juice with them before the test.
Lemon must be mixed with water to detox cannabis successfully. Water helps with diluting the lemon juice in this case. Better still, it adds fluid to the body, thus encouraging the body to flush out excess THC.

2. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is a healthy and delicious way to detox marijuana. The juice is a tasty treat and one of the perfect detox drinks for marijuana. Cranberry juice isn0t your usual detox drink. It grants cannabis consumers a realistic option for eliminating cannabis metabolites.

For those with an upcoming drug test, cranberry juice can help mask or hide THC in their bodies. For quick results, drink cranberry juice with plenty of water or sports drinks to make you urinate more. The more you urinate, the more you eliminate cannabis-related toxins from your body.

3. Coffee

Coffee is a great detox for marijuana because of its potency and natural diuretic properties. Marijuana consumers are encouraged to consume plenty of coffee to enable their bodies to evacuate as many toxins as possible.

Drinking too much coffee makes you dehydrated. Drink several glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration while taking coffee as a detoxifier. Water is imperative for helping your body replace the lost fluid while evacuating toxins from your system. A sports drink also works as a great source of fluid for those consuming coffee to detox marijuana.

4. Plain water

It may sound odd, but plain water makes for one of the most highly effective marijuana detox drinks. Unlike other detox drinks, water is neutral, and doesn0t ruin the digestive system. Let us say you have stopped consuming cannabis and are searching for a detoxing option.

Plain water is an excellent starting point, even for addicted consumers. The more water you drink, the more you will pass urine. Passing urine is vital for disposing marijuana-related metabolites. But plain water should be taken in large amounts to help cleanse the body of THC and cannabis-associated toxins.

5. Nuclear meltdown

A nuclear meltdown is your nuclear detox option. With this solution, you mix as many ingredients as possible. It seems like a disgusting detoxing option, right? Nonetheless, the nuclear meltdown has assisted many cannabis consumers in their detoxification efforts.

It requires blending ingredients with detoxification properties. The more ingredients the nuclear meltdown is made with, the more it becomes an effective cannabis detox.

Some suitable ingredients to mix in your nuclear meltdown include lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, honey, and cayenne pepper – along with other safe, detoxifying ingredients. It would be best if you drank this three times

6. CBD detox tea

CBD detox tea also offers a great way to detox from cannabis. The tea is essentially made from cannabis, then brewed with tea. The special tea is highly beneficial when brewed with various green and herbal teas.

It is easily prepared at home, although some stores sell versions of CBD detox tea. To make your tea, brew cannabis with detox ingredients such as chamomile, ginger, or turmeric. The more ingredients you include in your tea, the more potent it will be. This is how to make your CBD detox tea at home.


  • Cannabis, preferably cannabis teabag

  • Cinnamon stick

  • Lemon peel

  • Hot water

  • Clean

  • Ginger (use any ingredient with detoxing capabilities)


  • Put the lemon peel and ginger in an empty mug

  • Put cannabis tea in the mug and add hot water

  • Allow the cannabis to be steep.

  • Stir the tea once the teabag has steeped

  • Enjoy your CBD detox tea

Other marijuana detox drinks that work

Apart from homemade cannabis detox drinks, you can purchase a detox drink from the store. The marketplace has countless brands of cannabis tea. Whereas not all of these drinks work, some detox drinks are quite effective.

Cannabis users can purchase many detox drinks over the counter. Purchasing is nonetheless a costly option. Again, users must be 100% certain that the drink they purchase will work. Below are marijuana detox drinks that work for all cannabis users, whether chronic or moderate cannabis users.

Mega clean detox

This detox drink is quite reputable. Mega Clean is especially great for chronic users. According to the drinks reviews, users have lauded its overall effectiveness. Other users claimed the drug was vital in helping them pass their drug tests. It is infused with ginger, turmeric, and lemon, among others.

Users get results within weeks of using it. Moderate users can still use the drink, although plenty of water is needed to counter dehydration caused by this cannabis detox drink.

Rescue cleanse

Rescue Cleanse works by diluting toxins in the bloodstream and then passing them out via urine. It reduces the accumulated urine in the body of the cannabis user within days. Unlike most detox drinks that make one urinate frequently, you will pass urine less frequently after using the drug.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has certified all the ingredients in the detox drink. According to available reviews: the drink is quite safe. It shouldn0t affect organs such as the liver or kidney.
For moderate cannabis users, the drink claims to detoxify in hours. Chronic users, however, need to consume Rescue Cleanse for several days to rid their system of the huge toxin buildup accumulated over the years.

Ultra eliminates detox drink

Ultra Eliminex one-day detox drink is reserved for users with exceptionally high THC levels. The drink is especially ideal for overweight users. It offers a powerful blend of all-natural herbal concoctions with vitamins.
The fruity tropical flavor makes the drink wonderfully delicious. Though chronic users prefer the drink, it can help moderate cannabis users cleanse their systems.

Stinger detox

This drink promises fast and solid results. Available in multiple flavors, the drink makes a powerful detox, particularly for chronic users. Though it can cause discoloration of urine in moderate users, the results delivered by the drink can be almost instant for moderate marijuana users.

Rescue detox ice

The detox drink detoxifies and hydrates the body quite quickly. Though less potent than most high-end cleansers, it can deliver great results for moderate users. For users with an upcoming drug test, the drink can help them achieve success in their test. Its flavors are unique. In addition, the ingredients have passed FDA testing.

Extra clean herbal cleanse

The tropical-flavored detox drink delivers results in just three hours. It is concocted for moderate and chronic users. The color of your pee won0t change after taking it. Neither will your urinating cycle be affected. Within hours, the detox drink can clear THC from your system.

Deep system cleanser

This amazing detox drink does a deep cleansing of your system, as its name implies. It acts by diluting your urine to the extent where THC levels won0t be detected in your urine. It further feeds the body with multiple essential nutrients. The company claims that this drink is 5x stronger than its other products. All toxins should be avoided for 48 hours before taking this drink.

Do marijuana detox drinks work?

Do marijuana detox drinks work? This is what anyone considering using marijuana detox drinks asks themselves. Nearly every cannabis consumer seeking to detox from cannabis usually wonders whether cannabis detox drinks work.
After all, institutions such as the FDA do not regulate cannabis detox drinks. It creates a lot of questions as to whether cannabis detox drinks work or not. The fact that dozens of commercial cannabis detox drinks do not work does not help the situation. The thing is, some drinks out there work perfectly well.

Like everything else, not everything is created equally. The ingredients, method of production, and costs all play a part in deciding whether you want to purchase this product or make this detox drink. Detox drinks can either work or fail due to several issues. Kindly read on to find out what some of those issues are:

So, do marijuana detox drinks work or not?

Yes! Marijuana detox drinks work to a larger extent. They aren0t just a quick and easy fix to rid a cannabis consumer0s body of THC and harmful metabolites. Detox drinks can either work or fail to work due to several issues. Some of the issues involved include:

The ingredients in the detox drink

Marijuana detox drinks do not have similar ingredients. Dozens of detox drinks contain ingredients that have no detoxification properties in them. Unfortunately, most advertisements feature such detox drinks.
Detox drink manufacturers promise to help users detox from cannabis. In reality, however, their products lack the essential ingredients needed for detoxification.
It is important to confirm whether a drink is made with the right ingredients. Though ingredients differ from one detox drink to the other, the average drink should not miss some vital ingredients needed to promote several activities that help with cannabis detoxification. These activities include:

  • Liver function
  • Immune system functionality
  • Hydration
  • Alkalizing

Among the ingredients that aid with the activities mentioned above and which are supposed to be included in a cannabis detox drink include.

  • Ginger-ginger has plenty of anti-inflammatory properties. Such properties are vital for cannabis detoxification. They stimulate the body to eradicate the toxic buildup caused by long-term consumption of cannabis.
  • Peppermint- peppermints aid with detoxing by neutralizing THC levels and relaxing the body from the effects of cannabis consumption. Peppermint removes metabolites from the body and brings them back to maximum efficiency.
  • Green tea- has abundant levels of unique antioxidants known as polyphenols. These antioxidants fight the free radicals present in the body due to marijuana consumption. Green tea also flushes out cannabis-related toxins that damage cells and further promote aging.
  • Cucumber- cumber could be found on top of any salad. It is also useful in supplying the body with powerful detoxification capabilities. Apart from flushing toxins, it hydrates the body helping it dilute THC in the long run.

Along with the ingredients listed, many have been associated with detoxing. Whichever ingredients a detox drink has, check the specific detox benefits they have to offer. Also, the ingredients should be all-natural. Some processed ingredients can end up affecting your health in the long run.

Has detoxing helped other cannabis users before?

A detox drink is labeled effective due to the cannabis users it has helped in their detoxification journey. If the drink has worked successfully with many users, you will also benefit from it.
Regardless, its effectiveness is questionable if no user has reported getting help from the drink. This is a warning sign that the drink isn0t effective or a newly launched and untested detox drink.
If you are searching for detox drinks online and identify a suitable one, carefully read its reviews. Satisfied users will post positive and honest reviews of the drink. These users do not hesitate to recommend the drink to others. Bad reviews, or otherwise negative reviews, are a clear sign of unhappy clients.

How much does detoxing cost?

Marijuana detox drinks sell at different prices. Prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and depend on the product's quality. A good detox drink should sell at a reasonable price. It should not be too costly or too cheap.
Although price matters when shopping for a detox drink, do not just grab some cheap marijuana detox drinks. There is usually no value in such products. Some unscrupulous manufacturers design cheap drinks which do not work.
Many sellers want to earn money from selling fake drinks. They sometimes advertise their products very aggressively. If a product is sold cheaply and has a large advertisement campaign, that product may not be useful. It would be best if you researched the product you are looking at purchasing. Remember, you are putting that into your body. Get a drink that is proven to assist with detoxification.

Can the same drink work for all cannabis users?

A drink that works should work for all cannabis users seeking to detoxify. Whether a user has consumed cannabis for decades or just a few weeks, a good drink will solve their detoxification problem. When a detox drink is targeted at one type" of cannabis user, there is a good possibility it will not work.

How safe are detox drinks?

Safety is paramount!
Slow down and research the product. The safety of a cannabis detox drink is determined by its ingredients. Some detox products have harmful ingredients that harm people more than help them detoxify.
Remember that this is going into your body. Look at the ingredients and see if they are safe for you. Check with your doctor to see if something will interfere with your medicine.
You could be causing your body more harm than if you had done nothing. Consider how safe a drink is ahead of time. Drinks that work should be safe for users. There is no compromise for safety, no matter what.

Are detox drinks supported by a money-back guarantee?

Why would a manufacturer of a detox drink issue a money-back guarantee on their product if what they are selling doesn0t work?
A Money-back guarantee indicates that the manufacturer has confidence in the drink.
With a money-back guarantee, users can have confidence when purchasing the drink. When the drink of your choice isn0t supported with a real money-back guarantee, there is a much greater risk that the product doesn0t work.


Marijuana detox drinks have provided a solution for cannabis users who have accumulated toxins from the drug they enjoy consuming most. These drinks provide a cost-effective solution to users who cannot afford expensive detoxification options, like purchasing costly marijuana detox drugs. Purchase a cannabis drink that complements your detoxification efforts.