Weed Leaf

If you keep a close eye on the leaves of your weed plant, you can prevent a lot of misery during the growing process. Do your leaves turn yellow, or are there lice? Are the veins of your plant turning white, or are there any traces of mold? Your beautiful weed plant can be attacked from all sides. But if you make a diagnosis on time and take action, your crop can be kept safe.

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Identify pests that can attack your plant

It is important that you check your plant regularly, but looking at your plants with the naked eye may not be enough to recognize a possible pest. If the leaves discolor, that is proof that something is wrong. But it is important not to draw hasty conclusions.

If you look closely, you can spot the presence of plague. With Mineerflies, small tunnels are created when they eat their way through the leaves. Do you see white veins in your leaves? Then it's time to purchase Neem oil.

Discover the presence of all kinds of microbial misery

If you grow weed, it is a smart idea to purchase a magnifying glass. With this, you easily discover the possible presence of all kinds of microbial misery. Pay close attention to eggs, larvae, fungal spores, and fungi.

The leaf spot disease is caused by a fungus that listens to the name: Septoria lycopersici. It is often assumed that this is due to nutritional deficiencies. If yellow spots appear in the first phase of flowering, followed by a quick yellow and brown discoloration, your entire crop can be destroyed quickly. So take enough time to check your plants regularly to make a good diagnosis.

Yellow leaves

Do your leaves turn yellow? Then that is a warning sign and a call for help from your plant. The leaves turning yellow can have various causes. Yellowing and wilting can occur due to nutritional deficiency, over-fertilization, and heat stress. That is why it is important that you keep a close eye on your plants, both indoors and outdoors. If you regularly check for changes, you are better able to diagnose and take action.

Yellow leaves are often the result of fluctuations in the pH value. If the pH value of the water falls outside the optimum range of your growth medium, then the roots of the plant do not get access to the nutrients they need. You then get a food block and that is often the cause that the leaves of your weed plant turn yellow.