Detox from THC

THC is known for its ability to control severe pain and nausea due to cancer chemotherapy treatment and other diseases. The drug can have adverse effects on the human body and mind.

According to America's National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), a world-leading drug research organization, THC causes adverse effects to the user. Once inhaled or ingested, its absorption is quite fast, and it gets to the bloodstream in a couple of seconds. The results are illusions and high feelings. The drug is usually detected in the blood and urine. It is also detectable in the hair during drug screenings.

THC can stay in the bloodstream and saliva for up to seven days. It stays on the hair for up to 90 days, and it can take up to 3 days in the urine of light users. For heavy users, THC can stay up to 77 days. The average number of days the chemical will stay in the body is between 10 to 30 days.  

Studies have shown that the maximum detection period is 25 days with a sensitivity of 20ng/Ml. It can take up to 10 days for THC to be undetectable.

Myths Associated With THC Detox Cleanse

There are many safe and effective ways to do THC detox cleanse. Contrary to this, there are myths associated with the process. Exercise is one of them. Many people think that it is the best way to cleanse the body of THC, especially rigorous activities. Others believe yoga exercises will get rid of the body of THC. Exercise is a good way to burn body fats, which act as a storage for THC, but the drug remains in the body even after the body fat has been burnt.

When the body is lean, it stores less metabolite due. This does not mean that the traces of THC cannot be seen on a lean body. It is still debatable whether exercise can hasten the detox process. The truth is when the mind is engaged in a particular exercise, it gets distracted and focuses more on the exercise than what the body is going through. It is a psychological way of treating the symptoms. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include pain, irritability, and anxiety. 

Detox drinks and kits made from cranberry, green tea, and other herbs are believed to be a good solution to THC Detox is not true. Scientifically, detox drinks do not cleanse the body of THC. They load up the urine with vitamins and proteins. When drug tests are performed, they mask the drug, but the compounds' presence is still in the body. The drinks are recommended for temporal results. 

It is a fact that THC compounds may be present in the body but not show on the test results. Drinking purified water, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice in addition to the much-overrated detox juices will not speed up the process. Still, they can satisfy an individual psychologically during the natural detox process. The fluids help to lessen the withdrawal symptoms.

There is no guarantee that THC Detox drinks and kits will do the miracle and removes THC from the body. Necessary authorities such as the Food Drug Association (FDA) do not yet approve them, and the concoctions could cause more harm than good. Their origin and quality remain questionable.

How To Cleanse THC Out Of Your System

THC Cleanse involves flushing THC from your body. The process is known as detoxification, which removes harmful substances from the body using a physiological or medicinal approach. THC cleanse can be difficult to yield results due to the THC compound's nature, which is stored as long-term fat deposits (lipids). This means that the drug's digestion and excretion take many days.

Drug tests are meant to look for THC and its metabolites. Most of the time, the tests are carried out on urine samples because that is where the drug compounds stay longer (up to 77 days). The screening will look for THC-COOH presence, a substance stored in the body's fats.

To cleanse the body of THC naturally, it can take a little bit longer. This is especially if the body was subjected to heavy use of the drug. It is advisable to allow the body to remove the toxic compounds naturally. This guarantees the safety of the body, which is already stressed up by chemicals. It eliminates the waste of toxic substances from the body without causing harm. The process is slow and is likely to take up to 30 days or more, depending on THC quantities. 

If it's a quick-fix process to pass a scheduled urine test, detox products are readily available in the market. Some of these do not plainly indicate that they are used for THC cleansing, but they are used for the exact purpose. Most Detox products come in capsules, shampoos, drinks, chewable tablets, and mouthwash. These temporarily mask the THC so that it's not visible during the THC screening. 

When performing the THC cleanse, the body can develop withdrawal symptoms, ranging from mild to extreme. The major symptoms associated with THC withdrawal are depression, anxiety, irritability, chills, diminished appetite, headaches, digestive complications, and craving for cannabis. Different people suffer from these symptoms differently. Some may experience all of them, while others will experience just a few.

Possible Ways To Cleanse THC Out Of Your System

There are two ways how to cleanse the body of THC; the use of detox products and the natural way. Let's have a look at Detox products. These are varied. Detox drinks are one of them. It is a common way to detox the body. The drinks are filled with vitamins and minerals to restore the urine composition. Most of the market products are not genuine; however, some companies still sell the original and quality detox.

It is important to have a keen eye when buying these drinks. When consumed, they should not change the urine color as this is an indication that they could be harmful to the body. Most of them have a disclaimer that you must consume a lot of water before and after taking the recommended dose.

If the detox drinks are taken as a quick fix to pass a THC test, it is important to note that they will mask the THC to give a negative result, but this is not a guarantee that they will provide a high success rate. In reality, TH levels of THC will still be high, and the body will not have undergone the THC detox cleanse. If used gradually, for a period of more than 7 days, the success rate can be higher. It is recommended that you take a detox drink gradually for better results.

Detox pills, too, are believed to perform THC cleanse. There are two options; fast-acting detox pills and slow-acting detox pills. The fast-acting ones provide the body with sufficient energy to stop immediately the burning of fat cells. The result is that toxins are not released into the urine. Any urinalysis performed to test THC will turn negative. It will show better results when used a couple of hours before the test is carried out. 

The slow-acting detox pills gradually remove toxins from your system in bits. It takes a week or more to get the desired results. Detox pills are extracted from herbs like Dandelion leaf, Rhubarb root, Burdock root, and Goldenseal root. The pills act as blood purifiers, and they push the THC out of the body.

Like quick-fix detox drinks, detox pills act like masking agents. They provide artificial readings for the toxicology report. It is wiser to use slow-acting detox pills because they gradually flush toxins out of the body (an average of one week), and they have a higher success rate. It is also safer to do a THC cleanse gradually.

A detox kit is another way of cleansing the body of THC. It is a combination of Detox pills and detox drinks or one of them. It claims to remove THC in a concise period of time ranging from a few hours to a week. The choice is dependent on what suits you best. The best Detox kit has a component known as pectin, which stops metabolites from getting into the urine. Red Clover and Yellow Dock ingredients are also added to the kit to make it richer. These two act as diuretics.

Detox kit acts by stopping the toxins from getting to the kidneys. This means THC will not be present in the urine because it will be excreted through the fecal matter. 

It is recommended that you do a thorough background check of the product before using it. 

Please get to know its origin and quality. This is because most of these detox products can be harmful and unsafe for the kidneys and liver. A marijuana detox kit is scientifically researched and safer to use than other types of kits. It remains the best.

Cannabis detox does an equivalent job of detoxification just like detox kits, detox drinks, and detox pills. It is a legitimate way to remove toxins from the body. It falls into several categories; medium detox program, short-term detox program, synthetic urine, and soap and bleach. 

The medium detox program eliminates THC in 3-7 days, while the short-term detox program eliminates the drug within hours. Short-term detox is likely to be harmful to the body due to its fast-acting ingredients. It would be best if you consume plenty of water before and after drinking cannabis detox.

Soap and bleach are also believed to alter the urine's chemical composition leading to undetectable THC levels. This is not a researched option on how to Cleanse THC out of your system; therefore, it may not yield the desired results. Besides this, it can pose a serious health risk. 

What To Watch Out For Before Engaging In A THC Cleanse Program

Before engaging in any of the above detox programs, there are a few tips to watch out for. Check your body fat and BMI index. More body fat means a haven for THC. THC hides in the lipid cells. It is a challenge to strip it off from fatty cells, so the leaner, the better, and the more the detox will work.

Lean individuals have a lower body fat percentage (low BMI), which means that their cells are not favorable for THC storage. Their metabolic rates are high, making it faster to break down the THC and effectively force the drug to get into the urine or fecal matter.

Consumption levels and frequency are another tips to consider. Frequent smokers of cannabis are more likely to test negative if they abstain a few days before the toxicology test. If the consumption rate of the drug is very high, natural detoxification is highly recommended.

Natural Detox 

Natural detoxification is the simplest and cheapest way of cleansing the body of THC. It has a high success rate. The only requirement is patience and perseverance. The program begins with an individual making a resolution to abstain from consuming products with THC components. This is abstention.

THC abstention is restraining from consumption and quitting completely any product with traces of THC. It involves the individual focusing more on removing THC from the body without thinking of using any product with this ingredient. The process also involves avoiding exposure to secondhand smokers.

Research has shown that non-smokers can test THC positive if they are exposed to cannabis smokers. They are also likely to be influenced to smoke cannabis.

It has been revealed that if abstention is done a week before a drug test, there is a high success rate of testing THC negative. Abstention adverse effects are withdrawal symptoms, but these are manageable. During abstention, other natural methods can be incorporated to ease and fasten the process of THC cleansing. Exercise is one of those.

Studies show that exercises increase the concentration of blood plasma by 15%. Exercise also relieves withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, headaches, and lack of appetite. Care should be taken to limit exercise 24 hours before the test prevents the drug from getting into the bloodstream. There are other natural ways how to cleanse the body of THC. These are steam baths, drinking plenty of water, home remedies, and eating a healthy diet.