Cannabis is fast becoming a popular plant in many regions of the world. If you live in a country with pro-cannabis legislation, you might want to experiment with growing marijuana at home. This will involve a lot of planning, from seed selection to tendering, cultivation and harvesting. Legally growing cannabis at home might present many challenges.

The volume of information available on the internet about overcoming these challenges might be overwhelming. This guide is designed to equip you with a stepwise, proven approach to how to grow weed at home.


This guide summarizes the step involved with starting your cannabis cultivation at home. It captures information on the benefits of growing wed at home, seed selection, growth requirements, and essential points you might need for your plant.

Why grow cannabis at home

Why grow cannabis at home? The same reason why you might consider growing any particular plant in your garden. Privacy and Securisecurity are the reasonse grow weed at home. Even in states with pro-cannabis laws, growing your favorite cannabis variants discreetly at home gives a sense of privacy. Not only is your harvest secured from potential thieves, but it is also concealed from the judgemental eyes of nosy neighbors.

Multiple grow and harvesting cycles are another big reason to consider growing your weed at home. You can wait, improve growth requirements and watch your plant grow as big or as tall as you like. On harvesting, you can immediately start a new growth batch to guarantee multiple harvests in a growth year. If you need closely supervised high-quality weed, you might also settle with growing yours at home.

When should you plant your crop

Cannabis, like every other plant, has a favorable growing season. Generally, it is best that you plant your crop in early to mid-May. Depending on your preferred variant, the best time of the year to grow cannabis at home might be slightly different. You should not plant your weed too early in the year to avoid plant death from low temperatures. Planting too late in the year is also not advisable as the crop needs to go through a full growth cycle before the temperature drops.

How to cultivate cannabis at home

The ultimate question on the mind of many first-time cannabis growers is simple: exactly how should it be cultivated? There are many methods of cultivating the cannabis plant. However, for optimal harvest yield, it is important that you follow proven growing standards. The steps are quite simple for small-scale, at-home cannabis growth plans. Whether you're growing Sativa or Indica strains.

Step 1: Designate a cannabis growth space

Mapping out a growth area for your plant is the first on the list. The space must be spacious and well-ventilated. Indoor growth typically might only require a spare room, a tent, an abandoned basement, or a cabinet. Outdoor growth might only require a small stretch of land. Your choice of space directly determines growth volume and growth requirements.

Step 2: Select your preferred seed

Selecting your preferred cannabis variant is a personal decision. You might choose a variant based on scent, aroma, flavor, or high THC composition. Or maybe you want to grow High CBD strains.

Step 3: Choose a cannabis germinating technique

Selecting a germinating technique depends on convenience, growth space, and personal preference. Your choice of technique can be the paper towel method or the direct germination method. If you are cultivating cannabis at home for the first time, you might also consider using a germination station.

Step 4: Regulate the growth requirement for your plant

This step is one of the most important steps of your cannabis cultivation journey. The right combination of water, air, and heat is needed for an optimized growth cycle. Water is needed to break seed dormancy. If rightly watered, the first taproots should appear through the shell.

The young plant will also require oxygen to pop. Although the rate of respiration is low in a young cannabis plant, oxygen is needed for optimal growth. The young plant also requires optimal heat levels –not too cold and not too hot.

Step 5: Closely monitor the growth cycle

This involves observing how the young plant responds to the growing requirement during the growth cycle. If plant response becomes slow and growth is stunted, the requirements may be modified depending on the cannabis variant cultivated.

Step 6: Harvest your plant

Harvesting is done at the end of the growth cycle. An expert visual inspection might be needed to determine if buds are ready to be harvested. As buds mature, the trichomes might turn milky white. In many variants, buds are harvested when most of the hairs are darkened and curled inwards, revealing the buds underneath. Depending on the part of the plant you are interested in, there are many ways to directly harvest your cannabis.

Sum up

There are many technicalities involved with properly growing your preferred cannabis variant at home. However, you can get the steps efficiently with the right information. All you need might be committed attention to detail.

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