Boosting your high with mangos: How and when to do it

Mangoes, like other fruits containing Terpenes and Myrcene, can boost your high. According to one study carried out in the early 70s, it is reasonable to believe that when one ingests myrcene, the body gets an instant ability to absorb many chemicals thanks to the improved functionality of the cell membranes.

The study goes on to say that if you smoke weed after taking a mango, which has terpenes and myrcene, your body will be ready to absorb chemicals from the weed. This means it can get you higher.

The ingredients in a mango that may influence a weed high

Eating a mango before- or when consuming weed is one of the legit ways weed users have done it for many years, and they believe it helps create the euphoric high they are looking for.

To understand how a mango may influence the effects of weed, it's crucial that you know the ingredients of a mature mango:

Terpenes – this chemical compound is not only found in mangoes but also in many other tropical fruits. These are hydrocarbons. When extracted or eaten, they give out a sweet aroma. Apart from the exotic fragrance, when mixed with weed potency, hydrocarbons make one high instantly.

Myrcene – there is no difference between Terpenes and Myrcene. These two give the mango its unique taste and scent. As mentioned, these nutrients are also found in other fruits, but you can expect the mango to have a bigger percentage of the nutrients.

man eating a mango and smoking marijuana

What's the interaction between mango and marijuana?

Cannabis enthusiasts have tried this trick and found that, indeed, yes, mangoes do seem to enhance the effects of your weed. In fact, there are numerous anecdotal reports that eating a mango right before consuming weed causes more intense effects that tend to last much longer.

So, what's the connection between a mango and weed high? Theoretically speaking, mangoes contain an abundance of myrcene terpenes that work to intensify weed effects and reduce the onset time by a significant half!

A study carried out in Switzerland in 1997 analyzed the terpene profile of sixteen different weed strains and found that myrcene was the most abundant terpene in each strain. Naturally, mango terpenes work on the same receptors in our bodies as cannabis terpenes, thus, creating an entourage effect.

a mango and a cannabis leaf

So, can mangoes really boost your weed high?

The correct answer to this question is: yes! Taking mangoes alongside your weed can effectively intensify your high. Pro-marijuana advocates suggest that the work of mangoes in boosting high starts from the moment one ingests the myrcene and terpenes in mangoes.

Once you ingest myrcene, your body gets an instant ability to absorb numerous chemicals thanks to the improved functionality of the cell membranes.

The study we mentioned earlier went suggests that if you smoke cannabis after eating a mango, which has terpenes and myrcene, your body will be ready to absorb numerous chemicals from the weed.

It is also suggested that the myrcene terpenes in your mango are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and eventually the brain. Once you introduce mango terpenes into your system, THC and other essential cannabinoids from your weed will thumb a ride on these terpenes, thereby fastening the onset of effects.

Please note that at this point, we can only theorize the effectiveness of mangoes in intensifying weed high until more clinical studies on the same subject are done to make a concrete conclusion.

How long should I wait to smoke weed after eating a mango?

To enjoy an incredibly boosted high, you'll need to eat your mango 1-2 hours before smoking your weed. This allows your body enough time to absorb the nutrients from the mango and enhance the working of your cell membranes.

Additionally, your body will have time to prepare to absorb all essential chemicals from any 'foods' introduced into the body after the mango.

However, it's worth noting that your metabolic rate greatly determines this timing. Users with a faster metabolic rate can eat 2-3 mangoes an hour or less before consuming their weed.

a man with a mango in his hand observes his wristwatch

How to improve your high when eating mangoes?

Depending on the size of the mango, eating 1-3 mangoes two hours before you smoke your weed can give you excellently high results. Additionally, giving your body ample time to digest the mango will lessen the junk cravings later when you are high.

As a general rule of thumb, eating fresh mangoes provides better results than dried mangoes.

A man with a giant mango in his hand and big eyes

Final thought

Mangoes effectively boost your weed high. But even so, timing is critical. Also drinking mango juice before smoking weed. Be sure to include mango in your diet a few hours before you smoke weed for the best results. As a rule, too much of something eaten at odd hours is not good, mangoes included. But if you have the midnight munchies, next time consider eating a mango ;-)

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